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The hidden years in Canada 66, trailers

Door San-Daniel gepubliceerd op Friday 19 June 07:58



In the sunshine of your love’ died away while I let the heavy American tank coast direction parking bays. ‘Park further on,’ said Rico, 'Cause  I see Freddy McGee and George the pig sty ‘and indeed I saw them leaning against the wall, Freddy smoked and George had a bottle of beer in his hand and hung against the wall. ‘They want to find work, said Rico that can’t miss. They won’t take them on after all that has happened, ‘Rico thought aloud. ‘You never know how a cow catches a hare,’ I said, ‘and that depends on the boss and not on us.’ ‘I want nothing to do with them,’ Rico said and I supported it wholeheartedly.

The doors shut with the authentic 'clonk ‘the sound that only really heavy steel makes and we walked to our truck. Now there was a piled up trailer behind it as wel, Kiwi just walked away from it. ‘Mornin’Kiwi, 'I cried,' what is this nonsense?’ ‘It's called work boy,’ said Kiwi, 'come here then I'll show how the air link works in case you’ll ever work without a trailer again.’  ‘They're looking for a new driver for my truck and you're doing now always two places.’ ‘But then we’ll never be back in time,’ I said. ‘That's right,’ said Kiwi, ‘but on the other hand, you’ll make more hours and earn more. Anyway, it's only temporary, ‘said Kiwi,’ I’ll work this week out and then I’ll leave this country. I have not been home for years, and wild horses could not keep me back. ‘ ‘Ha,’ I said, 'that's impossible, because if we come back late, who is going to load the truck and trailer up huh? ‘ ‘My truck with a trailer hitched to it will be waiting for you,’ laughed Kiwi.

‘But we are more than just work donkeys, we can not drive and unload all day? ' ‘That,’ said Kiwi, ‘ is exactly what you are.’ ‘I advise you to drive to the farthest point and then start unloading on the way home.’ ‘Rico will be gone as well at the end of the week,’ I sputtered, ‘and I do not even  know who will then be my co-driver.’ ‘I have an idea about that,’ said Kiwi, ‘but men on the road! When you come back the gate will already be closed, pay attention to this key, ‘said Kiwi and he handed a shiny key. ‘That is the gate’s key, put it on your key ring. You put the truck inside the fence and you should not forget to lock the gate again. ‘ Remember that you have a trailer there behind you in the bends or in overtaking,’ he turned and walked away.


After preheating, the truck was snoring deeply and diesel was heating up noisily in the early morning. With the pile of packing slips in my lap I was waiting for the engine to come to temperature. I knew that as you drove, the diesel would run smoother, once the proper operating temperature had been reached snoring would change  into a growling rumble. ‘The furthest today's Medicine Hat,’ I said, 'that is give or take 300 kilometers. We’ll drive along the main road and stop halfway at Brooks. Nice, then we'll hear from Norma Jeanne how the fight ended with Bobby Joe and the Stamper. If we have had coffee then we’ll walk with the vouchers around the combination and we’ll check that they have split the load. It seems logical, but you never know with forklift  drivers who just load you up and sent you away. Between Brooks and Medicine Hat we have to unload what is necessary and then we go from there to Lethbridge depending on the places where we need to stop and unload, that would add up to 150 kilometers, it can just as easily be 200.  From there we’ll drive back to Calgary we will have made a nice round trip. ‘ ‘We need to keep an eye on the time,’ I continued, 'otherwise you have to unload your truck while the last building sites are already closing. ‘ ‘It's really more of a triangle that we drive,’ I thought aloud.

‘That's in terms of distance alone  is 650 kilometers,’ Rico said. ‘That's a working day already.’ ‘That is, if all would be in one line,’ I said, ‘but we know that there are quite a few dirt roads just finding the places where to deliver. The drive alone will take about 8 hours with the coffee in Brooks included. ‘ The gear poke went into 3-1 and the truck did not budge, ‘nice going’, I thought, ‘it’ll take really a lot of shifting gears.’  ‘Brooks okay, here we come,’ laughed Rico while I had switched gears already twice before we got off the yard.

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