The hidden years in Canada 53, the Eagle has landed

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The eagle has landed

We were not the only ones who had stopped for a drop of coffee. The tables reserved for truckers were full of men with bellies because they did not load or unload all day, but just drove from place to place and sat all day long behind a steering wheel. We walked into the bar and asked for two coffees while ‘ode to Billy Joe’  came wailing from the juxebox. Here folk had chosen for Country Western music and the prairie counties were like that, it would take a long time before anything that came near to CKXL would enter these areas. Hill Billy provinces have that tremendous interconnectedness. Barn dances, are held with drinks in barns outside the villages, square dancing, with a nasal sounding singer who sang ‘the figures’ that had to be done, you were within a few hundred miles of your city and entered a completely different world. These were habits and codes that stayed in place. In the cities a hip era with exotic music and lyrics had arrived, protesting against anything you could protest against and in the prairie villages there  was still the fiddler, violin player,  scattering ghostly rousing melodies and the caller, telling in texts, that everybody understood from the village, what figures should be danced.

I had once been to a barn dance and did not have a clue what to do, and felt like an urban stupid boy. Chicken in the bread pan picking out dough, sang the caller, grab a partner let's go and I thought, ‘what's this about, chickens picking dough  from the bread basket?’ But the beautiful girl who had dragged me along, pushed me back and left and right of me came a couple standing with hands on the back. The next violin fiddle we  bowed all together while we walked around the square. I understood why it was called square dancing. I had felt hopelessly lost. Four hands up and around you go and when you get straight it'sa dough see dough. Oh you hop about a little too late, and look carefully around you, a little too late I saw that it was the intention to hold up hands with your partner and then to turn around and then hold each other by the shoulders and tap your heels. Tiny movements for those who had grow up with it, but figures only almost impossible to carry out for the city boys.


'Where are you from boys, ‘said the pretty girl behind the bar she observed us carefully? ‘Calgary,’ Rico said! ‘Oh,’ she said a little disappointed, the big city, because she would never in her life go there, you could see her think that. ‘Are you working or living here.’ she asked with renewed interest as she poured the coffee? ‘No,’ Rico said again, ‘we are truckers.’ ‘Oh,’ she said, ‘we have a table for them.’ ‘It was full,’ I said, ‘and I think it is nice at the bar chatting with you and all.’ ‘Are these men bothering you, Norma Jeanne,’ said a large farmboy, with muscles on his muscles. ‘No Bobby Joe,’ she laughed, ‘I was a wasting a little time.’ ‘Don’t forget now’, he laughed, ‘we are going out together tonight.’ ‘Ok cowboy,’ said the girl called Norma Jeanne. We were in the area of ​​double names.

We understood it when you are at a truckers table, you were a good customer and if you stood at the bar and were not from the village than you were at least a stranger. The trumpet blare came and kept on and on until at heraldic heights, all eyes turned to the TV. A heavy American voice began to speak, ‘God bless America, the eagle has landed.’

I grabbed Rico. ‘ We did it, ‘I exclaimed and jumped up as if to shout,’ they’ve landed. ‘ ‘Wow,’ said the girl called Norma Jeanne, ‘where?’ ‘On the moon,’ I said bewildered, where had these people been in recent days. ‘Oh, never,’ she said, ‘that's impossible, you're fooling me, 'and gave me a sweet smile as I if I had made a nice joke with her. ‘You are pulling my leg, ha ha,’ she said. ‘Hey,’ said Bobby Joe, ‘who have just caught a glimpse of the sweet smile that was meant for me, 'You do talk a lot, very much so, and with my lady. ‘ ‘It is true,’ exclaimed Rico also full of enthusiasm and he pointed to the screen, ‘we have landed on the moon.’ The voice explained that one had to wait 6 hours after landing for there to be enough the light to take the first step on another celestial body.


‘Could it be true anyway,’ said Bobby Joe, surprised? 'Holy Golly! Well there I stand and watch something like this! ‘ He looked at me with wide eyes as if I was an alien who had just landed here to order some coffee. ‘Let's go,’ Rico suggested, ‘can we pay?’ ‘Yes,’ the girl said, ‘and come back, you hear?’ We heard her. We were really in Hillbilly area, going Medicine Hat each sentence would end with an affirmative question stuck to it. You know me, right? Bon voyage guys, you hear? It made you right mellow. I put two quarters down and said, ‘Come on John Rico,’ we’ll hit the road again and I turned to Bobby Joe, 'nice talking to you, have good night tonight. ‘ ‘Thank you,’ said Norma Jeanne, ‘that will happen for sure.’ ‘Okay big mother,’ said Rico, ‘duty calls.’ As we walked away I heard just Bobby Joe, who was probably the intellect of his village, saying, 'No, Norma Jeanne those are not from here, one was called big mother. ‘

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Landing on the moon and a big was too much for Bobby Joe..:-))
I would imagine so...