Running for a healthy and happy life

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A fit mind and a physically fit body is a must to live a healthy and a happy life. To be fit, one of the best exercise is running. As compared to cycling, you can burn around 28% more fat by running uphill and time has proven that long distance runners have been more slimmer and physically fit than the people involved in other sports like swimming.

As compared to fast walking, running burns about 30% more fat than walking, and is more time efficient and effective. The American College of Sports Medicine reveals that frequency of training could be three to four times a week. There could be a setting of different levels by individuals.

A starter can set a time limit of about 15 minutes fast walk so that the muscles have a warm up, then 15-20 minutes non-stop running and then again walking for 10 minutes and then again some running for 15-20 minutes and finally a slow walk for 20 minutes for limbering down.

But for a person who has been running for some time now, can walk fast for 10 minutes and then do fast running for 40-60 minutes, changing the terrains and course of run, so that the body gets used to variances increases the level of immunity.

Running uphill is also a very good way to increase strength and losing weight. The level of stamina depends upon individual to individual and different courses can be adopted by different people, but the basic thing which is to be kept in mind is consumption of less calories than the number of calories burned, which is very useful in losing weight.

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