The hidden years in Canada 41, revelations

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At the end of the day lip called me, he wanted to speak to me.'So big boy, ‘he said,’ big mother that you are, I've got news for you. ‘ ‘News,’ I asked, surprised, ‘what news?’ ‘Your life is going to change from tomorrow you do not work here anymore.’ ‘Hey,’ he called out to Rico, ‘come over here as well.’ ‘Yes, lip 'said Rico,' What can I do for you?’ ‘Firstly, I am Louis to you and secondly you know that big shot as well?’ ‘Do you mean,’ asked Rico? ‘Right, big fucking mister Ken,’ said the lip, who was now called Louis. ‘You're going tomorrow with big mother to the office and they have something for you. You both will get  a different kind of work to do, if you know what I mean. Say a promotion. I called and arranged for you, you should thank me. ‘ ‘Thank you lip,’ Rico said. ‘You may know it or not, but I go out with the daughter of Kurt and he doesn’t want his future son in law disappointed. When I ask something he responds to it. ‘ ‘But you are short people as it is,’ I said, ‘I suddenly realized that I had become accustomed to high work.’ ‘Then we just pull a new can of suckers open,’ said the lip 'and then that's sorted out again. ‘

‘Tomorrow then straight to the office and take your sandwich with you because there is no Drystale lorry that comes along and if you want to keep working we’ll meet again Thursday at the Queen's.’

The heavy steel doors of the Pontiac sounded, kha-plonk as they were pulled shut and my hand automatically found the ignition lock. My trusted friend who was always waiting for me gave a low growl again and slowly taxied away from Place Concorde. ‘Who knows what’s going on can speak up,’ said Rico, 'What have we done wrong? ‘ He turned the chrome knob and we just heard the CKXL man announce the sound of the screaming day and we drove home listening. It was Monday, I would drop Richard off and then I would go to my Shirly. My day immediately brightened enormously. ‘About our day,’ Richard said, pointing to the radio, we live it man, ‘we are screaming in the day, every day.’ ‘Yes, well chosen,’ I said, ‘the screaming day, it immediately conjures up an image. ‘What do you mean,’ asked Richard. ‘Well, as with the word hospital,’ I said, ‘that immediately conjures up an image of business, people racing, white coats with a certain smell, a disinfectant smell.’

‘Holy shit,’ Richard said, ‘that is what you see and you think and feel at a word like hospital?’ ‘I mean it is a notion that emerges,’ I tried to explain,. ‘the same with a song title like the screaming day. ‘ ‘What image does it call forth then,’ Richard wanted to know? ‘A day that begins quietly, with dew on the blades of grass and turns after a few hours by a common hustle bustle activity of the anthill people which fill a city into a screaming day.’ ‘Really,’ Richard said as he got ready to get out .. ‘Well if you're at Shirly’s I hope your day ends screaming.’ So that day would, but it would be a powerless screaming from the inside, out, in extreme anger.

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