Definition of a perfect mother

Door Zinka gepubliceerd op Sunday 24 May 18:49


If you are a perfect mother

A good mother allows her life in service to her children.

She is usually  a good wife, so she is also in the service of her husband.

Any pet in the world can count on her care and warm attention.

She has an eye for detail, she cooks, keeps the house clean, do the laundry and puts it neatly folded in the closet.


She always has plasters and tissues by hand.

She has a solution for all the big and small problems around.

She is attentive and bakes cakes as needed

If something is lost, she can find it back ,with her eyes closed or tell you exactly where it is.

A good mother knows  what day and what time her child has to be at the gym classes and whether it had an important test day at school.


Do these mothers really excist??

I must say:

I admire their skills, their devotion to the family and their ability to be self-effacing




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