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‘I decided,’ Ken continued, ‘to have the analysis done in a place a little further away and to send the package by registered mail to the ore processing lab in the capital. It had stuck with me what the old fishing boss had said, ‘we country boys know everything.’ So it was, in small inbred villages, news traveled fast, if I really wanted it to be known, I would have to have the samples examined locally. I went to the town hall to register the claim, which was secured and whistled between my teeth the song of Big John, by Johnny Cash, which I found quite appropriate. It was about men who work in mines and collapsing shafts. ‘Why boy,’ said the registry's clerk smiling, ‘Ol'Joe's claim is not big enough for you anymore.?’ ‘Something like that,’ I said, you have to keep moving, hey 'and I signed the papers. I took the copy with me and went away looking for a good breakfast. ‘

‘How did it end,’ said Bev, I had at least spoken half an hour. ‘What came out of the analysis?’ ‘Good and bad things,’ I replied. I had asked the same of Ken. Ken had said, ‘I received a strange letter, not the usual analysis, but a congratulation with the discovery but it specified nothing. I was urgently invited to speak at the laboratory at a certain time about their conclusions. I’d stop panning for a while anyway, because of the continuing bad weather and I went to the local newsagents and made a copy of my claim ownership registration, when done, I put it in an envelope along with a long letter and I sent these to Frisco, to my father. ‘

‘I was expecting you,’ said the nice girl at the counter, with a heavenly smile, Ken continued, ‘and my heart leapt. In the office sat two men with dark suits and the first thoughts were, ' they’ve come for me to send me to Vietnam,' you immediately noticed that they were government people. A man with a hearty laugh sat behind a desk and got up. ‘Welcome,’ he said, ‘and congratulations.’ I took his outstretched hand and my arm was pumped up and down, ‘Son of a gun,’ said the man, ‘this is your lucky day. Sit down, sit down, young man,’ he invited me. ‘Who are these gentlemen,’ I asked, and I pointed to the two silent men who make a round of gloomy impression. ‘These are witnesses for the state and want to talk to you.'




I was told that the plant ends had been 5 ppm, which were 5 parts per million, and that this was very special. It pointed to sufficient presence to start mining. ‘Oh’, I said, asking?’ 1 ppm already justifies mining,’ laughed the man.’ I do not want to be annoying’, but are we talking about gold or copper, or what is it all about? Uranium said the boss of the laboratory.' U235, very rare because it is a matter which has an isoptoop immediately suitable for fusion materials’. I understood from this that he meant nuclear power plants and atomic weapons. We received from the municipality your registration number from the submitted analysis and information about your claim. We know where it is. Which the state must  expropriate because a mortuarium applies to uranium.’ ‘It is my claim,’ I said, alarmed. ‘I've searched and also found gold, but everything on that claim is mine, that is why it is called a claim. I claimed it. ‘

‘It need not be unpleasant said one of the men in dark suits.’ ‘I broke off the conversation. I have nothing more to discuss with you, ‘I said, 'I want to speak to you the same time next week in the presence of a lawyer and in the presence of my father.’ ‘Really,’ said the other man in a dark suit? ‘ ‘Let me be clear,‘I said, 'it does not have to be unpleasant, I made a copy of my claim registration, which is now in the hands of my family in America, I also put a copy in a station safe and I promised my father to call him after this conversation’. That last part was a lie because I had not spoken to my father for months, but it helped. ‘

‘Next week, same time,’ said the first government man, ‘but you can’t enter your claim anymore, for your own safety, so to speak.’ ‘Are you threatening me,’ I asked? ‘Nooh,’ the man said, grinning, ‘but I assume that the soil there is quite polluted, radioactive contamination, it would not surprise me if there are radon traces in the water or that there are low-hanging radon gas concentrations present and that is heavy carcinogenic stuff, lung cancer right? ‘

 Suddenly the penny dropped, all those old Indian names, dead deer well, dead deer mountain, dead deer river, the dead and the dead whatever. Animals instinctively wanted to avoid it, there was my claim, near dead deer valley. Uncle Joe had died of lung cancer The man said only, ‘next week at exactly this time and no weird jokes.’ ‘I had to call my father, this was special, I could tell government people when I wanted to talk to them.’ My father was succinct in his advice, ‘Go in a hotel, an expensive hotel, five star or so, you do not leave your room until I'm with you, I’ll take a lawyer along. Call me when you are in your room. ‘


‘A week later, the claim was expropriated and I became a shareholder with attendance ban. My father suggested that the lawyer would work full time for me and I got a group around me to help me invest. ‘

‘Bloody hell,’ said Don, ‘that is not nothing.’ ‘Then there was a hellish breaking of glass,’ I said, 'Larry had  landed almost at our feet on the ground and Ken wanted nothing to do with it and took off. ‘ ‘Wow,’ they said.

It fell silent at our table. Bev finally broke the silence. ‘Wow,’ she said again, and fell silent for a moment and then continued, ‘and what is your proposal?’ I suggest that next bank holliday as the balance sheets are drawn up in all businesses and everyone has a long weekend we go gold panning. ‘ ‘Where,’ asked Don? ‘I do not know,’ I said, ‘but let's just like Ken search for placenames with death in it, or villages or rivers.’ ‘I'm going to look in the school library,’ Bev offered. ‘So we're going to do that,’ I asked? ‘Yes,’ came the answer as from one mouth..

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