The Unknown Messenger ( Engels )

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It was a dark alley and I couldn’t see a thing. I heard noises, but did not know where they came from. I walk towards the scepter. It shines so bright I can’t even look straight at it. The way towards the display case was clear but i knew there was something wrong. I tossed a gas grenade and while it released the smoke it showed the red alarm lasers. How the hell do I have to get to the display without touching one of the lasers. I cleared my mind and took a step… I took another and another and another…. But then it went terribly wrong. The alarm started making a sirene that you can hear trough the whole city. I guess that when you are standing on the Eiffel tower you can still hear the sirene. Fast,  I started looking for a way out but everywhere the gates were closing. I only saw one open alley and made my way to it fast. I started running toward it but every second I came closer the gate closed more and more…

I was almost at the gate but it was was closed… I started sliding and by half a inch I made it trough the gate. I ran to the exit door and opened it. I came outside and I realized that I was free. I did not get the scepter but I was out in the open air and not in French prison. I looked my way back to the Louvre when I got in to the taxi toward my hotel…

Now you know wat happened to my last night, I think it’s time that i introduce myself. I am Jason Marone and I am 24 years old. I live in London but I travel the world. Not because of my love for traveling, but for the fact that I am a master thief. At age of 22 I was declared Best Male Thief of 2013, at age of 23 Best Male Thief 2014, and last month Best Male Thief 2015. I am in Paris to steal the gold scepter of Farao Tutankhamun, but like you just found out : I did not managed to do that last night. 

Today is a new day. The sun is shining bright and the birds are tweaking. I put up my sunglasses as i make my way to the Louvre. As I arrive trough the Tuileries Garden I can’t believe my eyes. Everywhere I look I see police. The are blocking every person that is trying to get into the Louvre and blocked the whole road. No one can get in or out. So I was deeply disheartened when I worked out the fact that I can’t try to steal the scepter tonight again. 

I made a big mistake that never should have happened. I made the alarm go off and now I can’t get the scepter. That means that I won’t get my reward. I start nodding as I am making my way back to the hotel. Halfway I get a message on my phone. I says that i should come to the train station in the north of Paris. I have no idea what it’s about but I have nothing to do anyway so I decide to go. I hold on a taxi and drive to the train station.

Bang ! The car door slams. I walk towards the stairs to make my way to the train platforms. I stop because my phone is ringing. I check it but it stops. It says : “You have one message” In my head I know the message has to be from the person who want to have me here but why ? The message is very short and simple. It says : “Right in front of you is a bench. Go sit on it.” For a moment I start thinking about leaving but a part off me wants to stay. I’m in doubt of what to do but can’t make a decision. When I clear my head the solution hits me. I need to stay! I place my suitcase besides me on the bench and start looking around. Nothing. It sit there for 5 more minutes but stil…. nothing. 

A lady dressed in black comes sit next to me. She puts down her handbag and start searching for something in it. She is busy looking for it bit it seems like she can’t find it. I ask her : “Sorry madame, can I help you with something.” She reply’s : “Thank you young man. I am searching for my glasses but I can’t find them anywhere.” I am shocked, She has a British accent that even a Chinese would recognize. I hesitate…

While I am screening her with my eyes, in a split second I see that her glasses are in her pocket. “Madame, you have your glasses right there in your pocket.” She is relieved and says : “Ah Thank you again young man. I am such a silly.” She hands me her hand to shake mine, but she doesn’t. Instead of shaking my hand she overhands me a ticket. She grabs her glasses and her handbag and walks away. 

I look at the ticket and I see that it is a train ticket form this station towards the airport. My mind starts thinking. What is this ? Should I do it ? Why does she give me this ? Is it a trap ? Where does this end ?!

You know what ? I don't care any more. I’m just gonna do it. Who cares ? It’s 14.37 and the time on the ticket says : 14.42. I really have to hurry or else I won’t make it at all. I take 2 steps at a time on the stairs and almost slip but manage to keep standing. At the top I have a view over the whole station. Platform 6 is what I need but I can’t find it anywhere. Platform 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, 12, 13. Where are 6, 7, 8 and 9 ?! I turn around and notice that the other platforms are right behind me all the time. 

I start running and I just make it to the train. I step trough the doors a man starts blowing the whistle. In the train I hear : “le train en direction de l'aéroport Charles de Gaulle quitte maintenant, The train direction Charles de Gaulle Airport leaves now”

It’s a big relief that I made it, but then again I think : Why am I doing this ? But there was no way back now… As I look through the window the same woman comes sit right in front of my. I am looking to her face to face but she doesn’t brake. I do. I start asking : “Who are you ? Why did you gave me this ticket ? Still not a word. 

My temper gets on but I hold it in. The train stops. “Nous sommes arrivés à l’aéroport Charles le Gaulle, We are now arrived at Charles le Gaulle Airport” She asks me to come with her. As stupid as I am, I do it. I follow her off the train toward the departure gates. It’s not a regular gate. Together with the lady i walk trough the tube in to a plane. It’s seems to be a private jet butt before I can look any longer I am getting a cotton sack over my head. My hands are getting tied and I can’t move. Hours of flying go by and after a rough ride from the plane to destination ( Still with the sack on my head ) I am getting dragged  to a chair. The sack gets of my head . It’s breathtaking what I am seeing right now… I can’t believe my eyes… This is Unbelievable……………………………………………………………………………………………………

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