The hidden years in Canada 34, there is gold in them there hills

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We had slept 5 hours and the American monster, started at the first contact, we glided slowly towards Pop’s. CKXl clicked on and connected us to the world of young people with fresh ideas. Abergavenny came pouring from the speaker. ‘That is very cheerful, ‘was Richard’s opinion. ‘Young Mister Richard,’ I laughed, ‘you are still half at the party. The party that as a reminder of the new day ran backwards. ‘Boy,’ said Rico, 'did you and that Fuckerty girl eehh .. you know hhmm, you know. ‘Rico,’ I said sternly, ‘you're getting a high Don content. But for you information, no, she knows too much Fogerties to my taste. I've been talking a long time with Ken, and him with me. ‘ ‘That seemed to me to be a cool cat,’ Rico said. ‘Did you know that he funds pretty much the love-ins and sit-ins in the city. He is very anti-Vietnam. He has a meditation center really in the center of the city, you know what the square footage cost there? ‘

‘He has started a 'back to the beauty,’ movement. He holds a patent on the name. ‘ 'What do you mean, ‘Richard asked,’ what must I imagine with that movement? ‘ ‘Everything,’ I said, ‘the name is an umbrella under which everything sort of fits. Meditation groups, environmentally conscious people and politically oriented seminars against war in general. Love-ins, but also a vegetable shop with unsprayed fruit and vegetables. A soyabean outlet for vegetarians, where soya beans come from a commune founded by him or approved by him. But also a hairdresser, who bring women back to their 'natural beauty' and which, because they operate under the back to the beauty part of the proceeds flow back. Healing tea baths therapies of a shaman, but also a sauna on the edge of lake Louise. A real Finnish sauna, not one as in town with a bar and burger meals. No, primitive in the wildernes. ‘


‘He can not do it all by himself, surely,’ Richard asked, surprised? ‘No, that's right,’ I said, ‘he is now only shareholder, he does not do business. He has a group around him who know all about contracts and business. Plastic people, as he calls them. He is tired of it. He always needs be open a sauna or a coffee shop, or go  a while along some communes and people always want something from him, he must stand beside an incense shop for a picture during the opening, that kind of thing. ‘

‘Hey, maybe he can arrange something for us, another job in that contract group or whatever,’ Richard suggested. Waterloo sunset, came out of the dashboard speaker. ‘Rico,’ I said, 'that's what I'm talking about, everyone wants something from him. He burns up because of the false interest around him, in him. He is dog tired of hidden motives. ‘ ‘Yep, then music is much purer,’ said my sleepy friend, ‘why he should start a band.’ ‘Wow,’ I said, 'What an idea, ‘back to the beauty band,’ a kind of protest song band. But his managers would go manipulate it again and see it as an extension of the money machine. ‘ ‘Just really honest lyrics like this,’ Rico said, and he pointed at the speakertje. 'a beautiful song about the sunset. ‘

‘Do you think it is about that, I asked? Oh, the lessons of Mr. Boston were wasted on you. Listen again behind the words. It is an advertisement for drug Rico, really listen man '

‘Terry and Julie are crossing a river, where they feel safe, which can be the Mersey River or the Thames, it does not matter, they are safe and healthy. You know that 'a perfect day' is a euphenism for heroin? ‘ ‘Not really,’ admitted Rico. ‘Why the Mersey River, Mr. Big mother, sir,’ Richard asked. ‘Because, young Richard,’ and I copied the biting voice of our former 'homeroom' teacher, our mentor, ‘because Waterloo is an area in Liverpool, where the pop scene is developing. The river that cuts through a so called area, Mersy and therefore the movement where the Beatles participate in is called the Mersey beat. That draws like a magnet creativity and drugs. ‘

‘Thanks for sharing this with ordinary mortals,’ chuckled Rico. I went on, ‘they are going to meet a dealer.’ ‘Oh,’ Richard said, ‘because they have told you?’ ‘Yes,’ I laughed, ‘in the text. At the station. Look for the symbols in the verses. ‘

Dirty old river, must you keep rolling

Flowing into the night ....

... But I do not need no friends

As Long As I gaze on Waterloo sunset

I am in paradise ...

... Terry meets Julie, Waterloo Station

Every Friday night ..

and throughout the last stanza:

millions of people swarming like flies round Waterloo underground

But Terry and Julie cross over the river

Where They feel safe and sound

And They do not need no friends

As Long As They gaze on Waterloo sunset

They are in paradise

‘Allright so we know now,’ replied friend. ‘Rico, I said, the river crossing can also signify a different consciousness. As in Greek mythology, the crossing to the grave, over the River Styx do you remember? ‘ ‘Symbolically so?’ ‘Yes, young Richard you're brilliant,’ I spoke again with the sarcasm dripping voice of our old teacher. 'Enlighten us with your insights or be silent forever. ‘ ‘So, where is this going,’ Rico asked? ‘That it is often different than you think.’ ‘Unwillingly, Ken swims in money, he tries to help support good causes, it is his contribution to the protest, otherwise he would swear it off. He is pure, money does not interest him  at all. He is suffering because of the friendships' he encounters now, false friendships. ‘ ‘Wow, how he will suffer under all that money,’ laughed Rico, mockingly. ‘But he does, I said! He is essentially like Jane, who just do not want more war and dedicates her time to end it, but he has become a financial plaything on the waves of his managers group. ‘

'Own fault, ‘said Rico,' that's what happens when you are born rich.’ ‘Richard,’ I said, ‘six months ago,he had nothing, nothing at all, and he wandered through the bush and he slept under the bushes and he ate berries and whatever he could get, ‘ that is what I mean.’ ‘Holy shit,’ Rico exclaimed, ‘how has he done that?’ ‘Karma, I would imagine, after sufficient learning and suffering comes a period of consolation to him that will turn into further suffering because there are some lessons that lie in store for him.’ ‘You really believe in that shit, huh,’ Rico asked seriously. ‘First of all, it is not shit, young Richard and secondly, yes I have reason to believe that my life experiences quidance.’

‘But how,’ Rico shouted again, 'Karma does not interest me, how did this man get his dough? ‘ ‘ Your question lacks integrity,’ I laughed, ‘you still have many lives to live, I fear. But in earnest Richard, I know how he did it and I intend to talk to the group  about it, because what Ken can do, we can, with a little bit of luck. But it's a long story and I prefer not to tell it twice, ‘and so we came to Pop’s, which was becoming almost a nostalgic meeting point.

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Plastic people..great expression!