[TVD] [Bonnie x Damon] In denial...

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A young woman was passing through the streets of Mystic Falls. The night had fallen and the stars had lit the sky, the moon on the other hand was gone, it was new moon. The air was cold, causing goose bumps on her tanned skin. She wrapped her arms around herself and tried to rub herself warm again.
All she could hear were the leafs moving along with the blowing wind and some branches ticking against the windows by the trees next to the houses she was passing by.

“Why does it have to be so cold” She complained softly, not hearable for any kind of human. But a certain creature could hear her soft whisper and her almost voiceless words.

“Why would you ask a question that can’t be answered?” A male’s voice pierced through her ears, but not with an unpleasant volume nor an undesirable tone. The man had decreased the pace between the two and soon he was standing behind her. “Boo.” He cocked his right brow and grinned amused as the young woman turned around in shook.

“Damon!” her eyes were wide for a short moment before taking a deep breath out of relieve. “You know I could have hurt you, right?” The smaller then average teen paused for a moment. “You shouldn’t just sneak up on me” the brunette shrugged one of her shoulders as she looked at the male with an arrogant expression resting on her facial features.  

Damon tilted his head to the side while a charming grin broadened on his lips and just looked at her for a few minutes before answering. “Of course I know Bonnie, I’m not stupid” He said with a mocking tune in his voice. But then he walked closer to her with a dominant pass.

“… What are you up to Damon?” The witch taking a few steps back. “Don’t come closer Damon! Or I will hurt you” Her voice trembled out of fear, the fear she was trying to hide with threats and anger. But before she knew it he had speed over to her and she could feel his cold hands on each side of her cheek.

“I’m not trying to hurt you Bonnie” This time his voice was more soothing and calming, but still you could hear the warmth in his voice that could make every girl melt. With his blue eyes he stared into hers. “I’m here to claim what is mine” When he spoke these words his lips were almost resting against her ears.

Bonnie felt a shiver running over her spine, her mind turning blank. Her lips parted but there were no words coming from her mouth. The next thing she felt was his chest against hers, his hand on her lower back and one hand remained on her cheek. “Damon…”

“Shhh…” he was making sure the pace decreased between their lips as he came closer to her until Damon’s lips were now resting on Bonnie’s lips. But then he felt two hands on his chest and pushed him away with all the force she got. 

“No! You can’t just kiss me Damon!” Again she took a few steps away from the dark haired vampire. “Do it again and I will make your head burst” Her voice was filled with frustration and anger.

For a moment Damon looked slightly confused, but he recovered from that quite fast and laughed softly. “Don’t tell me you didn’t like it.” His blue eyes locked onto hers. “I could feel it Bonnie, you liked it, you just hate to admit it.” There was his grin again. “I will see you soon again, and you won’t be able to reject me another time.” 

“I didn’t like it!” She turned around on her heels, pulling her eyes out of his sight, then she turned around to speak to him again, but he was gone. And she just stood there. Her tanned fingers reached up to her lips and touched the skin where he had left his mark…


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