The hidden years in Canada 33, the love guru

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The love guru

I felt like we had talked for hours and I realized that Ken was real. He was not blasé but just open. His secret was only a pinhole in a discussion which was impressive, that went in an associative way searching whichever way .'Hey, man, ‘he said,’ I like this, you really do not know me? ‘ ‘No,’ I said, 'this is the first time I come here and that is because a friend took me here. ‘ ‘Look,’ he said, ‘this is like before, just sitting about and talking a bit, nowadays people always want something from me. A loan, or work, or they want to live with me or they try pushing drugs, you get tired of it. You have to meet someone, because that is important for you and you have to shake hands with people who want to talk only about stocks and investments. Man it's a drag. ‘ ‘Has that been long that way,’ I asked? ‘Half a year, but it grows on me man, everyone always wants something from me.’ The fuckerty girl said suddenly, ‘hey I know you, you're from last time.’ ‘That could be very true,’ Ken muttered, ‘I don’t keep track anymore, these days .’

‘Hey, man,’ he said, ‘this was like such a refreshing shower, I must be off again, because tomorrow ..’ Ken, ‘I said,’ you don’t have to do anything, tomorrow is today, it is Sunday, 4 o’clock in the morning, if you do not want to meet plastic people, don’t! Be your own man, do what you want, get yourself another life, a real life, come and work with us for a while, drink your beer in the Queens, a bar with whores and Indians, where you always have to look over your shoulder if no one comes sneaking up to you with a broken bottle or a lead pipe, to smack you, you know that kind of life? But wear other clothes, otherwise they’ll simply pick on you and beat you up for being different and buy an old run down car and leave the rest behind you. If you stick your fingers up and say peace man  than they’ll break your fingers. ‘ ‘Man,’ said Ken, ‘there sounds much pain in your words.’ ‘No, I said, that's my reality, we do not always make the choices, it happens often. Just like with you. Well, are you coming on Monday? ‘ ’I can’t,’ Ken said, ‘I have no work permit and I have to talk to people.’ ‘Where do you work exactly?’ 'Place Concorde, ‘I said. ‘Well, maybe we'll get together there,’ Ken nodded gravely, ‘what is a good time to see you there?’ ‘You mean it,’ I asked? ‘Oh, perhaps, anything can happen between now and Monday, I don’t command my life anymore.’ ‘At 11 o'clock, I said,’ then it is break time, then the van of Drystale comes past. ‘ ‘Drystale,’ Ken asked and raised his eyebrows? ‘You’ll see it,’ I said.


‘Peace man,’ Ken had just said, when with a ringing cry someone from the 2nd floor came falling down in a shower of glass that radiated to all directions. He landed a few feet to the left of us, and there he remained lying whimpering, ‘Hey’ said Ken, ‘I'm going man, I want to have nothing to do with this’ and he disappeared. I heard the door slam and the heavy engine of the Cougar growled as he slowly drove away. Nice 'love guru' I thought and rushed to the wailing figure. ‘Are you okay,’ I asked? It was Larry, the brother of Jane, from all sides now people came running. ‘Call an ambulance,’ someone shouted, Jeff was standing next to me and we tried to help Larry up, ‘Arghh ‘he cried. ‘Let him be,’ I advised, ‘he might have a few broken ribs and lifting him, those might puncture his lungs ‘It's time to go,’ Jeff said, ‘you must always leave at the height of a party.’

Rico and Jeff and I walked to the old Pontiac and with a deep growl the engine began rumbling. ‘Jeff,’ I asked, ‘what happened up there?’ ‘Larry,’ Jeff said, ‘was a bird or at least he thought it was.’ ‘Were you there then,’ Rico asked? ‘Yes,’ murmured Jeff 'and we had to admire his feathers. ‘ ‘Yes,’ I asked and Jeff continued, ‘after a while we found that annoying and said he was human again.’ 'Yup.' Rico said, asking? ‘I am the flying kingsnake,' Larry cried every turn. ‘We poured a carton of orange juice, pack'orange in him as downer, hey you know vitamin C. But he had taken shots a few times and went from bad to worse. He began to make movements with his beak. ‘ 'What do you mean beak, ‘I asked sharply while I steered the Pontiac past some dirt containers. ‘With, well where his beak would have been. and he flapped his wings at every turn. ‘ ‘Jeff,’ I said ..? ‘We all had a shot in the arm’, said Jeff, 'but Larry turned funny and became very annoying. I then said to be rid of him, well if you're bird then shows us how you fly. Larry began by running around in the room and made small jumps in the air and we were blue with laughter. He ran faster and faster ducked through the window pane and crashed down. ‘ ‘Not enough flapping,’ Rico said.


Jeff got out and Richard and I went our way through the early morning of the sleeping city. ‘Hey Richard,’ I said, ‘I have great news. I know something man, someting unbelievable! ‘ Richard was nodding, next to me. ‘Later he said, I am so very tired.’ ‘Okay, after a few hours we’ll see Don and Bev and’ ..but Rico had fallen asleep and hit his head from left to right in the corners.

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