The hidden years in Canada 29, the party

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The party

‘Hey man, walk on the wild side’ Lou Reed sang meeting me, in my old Pontiac, sent into the air by the high radio mast on Paskapoo hill, CKXL pumped Lou Reed into my car. ‘ How did it go with you yesterday, ‘Rico asked? 'What do you mean, I asked? ‘Well,’ he said, ‘I've only been busy with Fuzzy, it doesn’t let me go.’ ‘No. I had other things on my mind,’ I replied. ‘Women business,’ he asked? ‘As well, say meditation’. I chuckled. ‘I did not know you were interested in that Eastern stuff,’ Rico looked at me quizzically. ‘Not at first,’ I admitted, ‘but it makes you grow, eh? ‘Hmm,’ said Rico,’ it doesn’t really relate to me.’ We drove towards the building site through early traffic. ‘It is good,’ I replied, ‘Shirley bought a book and we have worked it through a little.

‘Well, you surprise me,’ Rico said. ‘Shirley is a gorgeous girl and you go meditating all night and read a book.’ ‘Yeah, pretty much like it,’ I confirmed. ‘She is older, seven years older and I learn a lot from her.’ ‘Well then my pancakes Debbie is more fun,’ said  Rico, ‘man I have been to see her yesterday and I don’t know if she can read or not, but she has other talents, hidden talents. You would not believe it. ‘ ‘Actually, Rico, I do not want to know,’ I said, ‘such things are private.’ ‘We are friends,’ said Rico, ‘who clearly wanted to tell his story.’ ‘Even then you cannot betray a lady ', I thought. ‘Boy,’ said Rico, ‘you have become very sensitive.’ ‘You have no idea,’ I laughed and we turned into the parking lot.


Jeff and Martin were nice and normal guys, they worked without complaint and complied. Martin lived our way and came with the early bus. ‘ You know what Martin,’ I said one day. ‘What,’ he asked? ‘ If you are ready on time, ‘I suggested,’ I'll pick you up just outside your home, just wait on the sidewalk. That does not matter to us. The only difference is the time we stop to get you in and then let you out again over here.‘ ‘That's great, Martin said,’ he had an Indonesian background and just radiated peace. Jeff had been a kind of cowboy, but unlike our former friend Fuzzy, he disliked the prairie. He had no fear of heights and was within a week as good as everyone else.

‘Are you doing anything tonight’ asked Jeff? ‘Why,’ I asked and Rico looked up listening in. ‘What’s up,’ asked Kiwi, who had come up? ‘I'm invited to a party,’ Jeff said, ‘and you guys can come along if you want to, you’ll have to pick me up, because I have no transportation and we'll see how the evening goes.’ ‘Okay,’ I said, ‘sounds like fun.’ ‘I'm not going,’ said Martin, I'm married and Kiwi said, ‘I have a date with a right honey.’ ‘Rico,’ I asked? ‘Yeah, okay, like we'll see. We’ll bring some booze or else we will immediately kicked out.’ The day passed slowly and I was surprised at the turn had taken our lives. We had arrived in the adult world, Beverly and Don sat on another star millions of light years away.

We could go and see them Sunday, I assumed. 'You know what, ‘I suggested to Rico? ‘When we get home we will call Bev and Don and agree that we meet each other tomorrow at Pop’s. ‘That sounds like a good idea,’ said Rico, 'like some unexpected party. ‘What would Fuzzy have said that we are now again going to a party,’ Rico thought overloud? ‘He would have said be a couple of good  cowboys, ride em '. ‘You know, Richard,’ I said,’ I will never forget him and maybe someday I’ll get the story out, the real story.’ ‘What real story,’ asked Martin? Forget it Martin, ‘I said nothing.’ the lip nodded approvingly at us.


On the way home, when the button was pushed, ‘Paint it black’  came rolling from the speaker. It was Oriental rhythm and I was immediately submerged in thought with images of Shirley with long stockings, which I shook off or we would not have arrived safely through all the  traffic. Beverly liked it very much, she said, when we called her to talk about the next day. ‘Mama goose is expecting you,’ she laughed, ‘at pop’s and don’t be late and she hung up.’ Delicious, sweet, innocent Beverly. So we drove a bit later with washed hair and a clean shirt, towards Jeff who knew where the party was going to take place.

San Daniel March 2015

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