The hidden years in Canada 25, the blowing away

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The blowing away

The cage went up painfully slow and the cops looked serious. ‘You just go back to bolting steel and we'll see what we see,’ said the lip. ‘We cannot fall behind with the work because of a weirdo.’ At the 16th floor the lip touched the button and the car came to a stop. The mesh metal door rolled rattling  to one side and everyone got out. On the other side of the floor close to the edge stood Freddy. Between the steel framework raised of what soon would be the 17th floor. The beams pointing up to God in the highest, and his wide sky. Fred came walking up to us. His clothing was stained red with blood, I assumed. ‘Freeze,’ said one policeman keep your hands away from your body. ‘ Instinctively we took a few steps back so that the policemen now formed the buffer between us and Freddy McGee. ‘Which tribe do you belong to’ cried Freddy. ‘Are you fucking Indians’? ‘We just want to speak with you,’ said the officer most in front. ‘Where's Mama Fuzzy, you son of a whore’ shouted the lip, ‘what have you done to him?’ Freddy shrugged with a laugh and drew his knife. ‘I do not see him,’ he laughed scornfully. Sirens sounded and a hearse was preceded by two police cars entering the premises.

The lip walked a couple of steps back to the car and closed the door. Slowly the elevator dropped down, it was obvious someone wanted to come up, I imagined more police coming up. ‘Drop the knife,’ said the officer who had spoken first. Freddy held the knife up by the point as if it was a cross and I saw to my horror that blood clung to it. ‘Lord,’ he cried, ‘have mercy on your son, your son who avenges on your behalf. Lord, do not desert me.‘ ‘This is my bible,’ Freddy spoke again directed at our group, ‘I can’t give this out of my hands, I cannot. My Bible determines who lives or dies. ‘Be careful, ‘I warned the officers,’ do not go closer, he is a knife thrower. It was a stalemate, two policemen against Freddy. None of the officers wanted the knife in the chest, that Freddy could throw only once. After that the other officer could knock him out but you never knew who the selected one would be.

‘Let's talk quietly,’ the officer said again, ‘like men amongst ourselves.’ ‘If you say another word you will enter the hunting grounds,’ Freddy laughed with a crazy look in his eyes .. ‘Ohh,’ he moaned and touched with one hand the side of his head. ‘You filthy son of a whore,’ roared the lip, ‘what have you done with Fuzz? Chief fucking Fuzz has become my blood brother, ‘Freddy said and he laughed as he moved the blade at the tip back and forth. ‘I converted him. He is has become a clean soul and flew away ‘and he had to laugh. ‘Do not interfere with him anymore,’ said one policeman to us, ‘that man is as mad as a hatter. The cage came up and some policemen got out. ‘Are you Louis,’ they asked the lip, the foreman? ‘Will you go down with your team, we will solve this, we need someone to be identified.’


‘The Lord took him by the feather and he is no more,’ Freddy said seriously, ‘he has blown him away like pagan dust. Chief fucking Fuzz was dusted off by the Lord. ‘ The constable with the stripes on the sleeve motioned us into the elevator. ‘ Here we do not need extra eyes,’ he said. ‘There's someone waiting at the back of the building for identification. ‘When we had stood in line, awaiting our turn  under the cheerful music of White rabbit, to get our snacks from  Drystale, with all the people in line in front of the building, Fuzzy had probably be ‘blown’ off. . I understood as if struck by lightening what had happened. I hoped with all my heart that the person who was waiting for us was not Fuzzy, but who else could it be? When we were a floor or four down we heard a shot ring out. ‘I would imagine that McGee has left us,’ said the lip. ‘May he burn in hell !. '

In silence and confused by the events we came down and to a halt. When we closed the door, the car went up again. ‘Stay right here waiting,’ said the lip, ‘if that is Fuzzy at the other side, I do not want you to see him. It will not be a pleasant sight. Remember him as you knew him. That's better.' With drooping shoulders the lip walked off, he was the typical example of a big mouth with a small heart. The elevator dropped protesting and squeaking, the cage was full of people. McGee was dragged out of the elevator, he was handcuffed. ‘Take over the torch, enlighten the world,’ he shouted to Rico and me, and I shuddered when I realized how stubbornly entrenched madness can be. He was dragged forward in between two policemen. ‘Shot in his leg, I think,’ Rico said, 'yes then you let go of the knife. ‘

The lip came walking back around the corner, he looked pale and nodded briefly, ‘it was Fuzzy,’ he said simply. I’ll go and call Kurt if he can send some extra men and you,  go up and start, otherwise we will still be here tomorrow. ‘That is how a moment later, Jeff and Martin joined our team. They had no nicknames and would not have them, the time of jokes was over and life had become grim.

San Daniel March 2015

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