The hidden years in Canada 22, the hootchie kootchie boy

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The hootchie kootchie boy

In the car we drove through the early evening to the center of the city and we parked next to Toby's jug. I was still very excited by the whole thing. It was what I had tried to make clear to Rico earlier on, other times. Our life was being lived out of proportion and that goes well as long as it goes well. ‘Rico,’ I began, ‘could you have imagined six months ago that you’d be standing with a broken pint glass in your hand ready to maim people seriously?' 'I know, man, ‘said Rico, 'it's unbelievable.’ ‘If Freddy had not picked up his twitch at the pawnshop, we’d be dead or badly wounded.’ ‘Oh, Shirly thought, 'I'm not so sure, you were ready to take on that whole tribe. ‘ ‘Thank you,’ I said to Rico, ‘that you came to support me.’ ‘You know, 'said Rico,' it's because of Freddy, he causes these situations.’ ‘We won’t see that man come back,’ I thought, 'but that was a miscalculation, we would see him once more in our life under terrible conditions. His darkness would surround us with death before he could be put away forever. ‘

‘Come on,’ Shirley laughed merrily, ‘the night is young and we deserve no punishment.’ We stepped through the portals of Toby's jug inside and immediately took our hats off. Gently, muffled, 'the pusherman', filled the dimly lit space with surreal, slow music. ‘The dealer is a monster, watch out he is not a natural man .., the slow singing speaking voice of Steppenwolf sounded, a Canadian band that a year later would come to immortal fame with 'born to be wild ‘.. that would serve as the title song for the cult film Easy Rider. The world was looking for new values ​​and creaked at the seams.

‘So gentlemen, you found the way back,’ the bartender laughed, meeting us? ‘The drink for the evening..,’ he began, and I was reminded of the Zombies, which Richard had gulped away until he had almost gone into a coma. ‘ For me a coke, ‘said Rico, and broke off the bartender. ‘What do you want,’ I asked Shirley? ‘I'll have a black Russian,’ she laughed. ‘Vodka and rum lady’ asked the bartender interested? ‘What else,’ laughed Shirly. I felt like myself sinking into the relaxed nature of this bar, indeed the most threatening, was the text of’ the pusherman’ ‘You have a mountain dew, for me,’ I asked? I had my fill of liquor. ‘We don’t have hillbilly sodas sir, may I recommend a tonic,’ the man asked politely at the other side of the bar? ‘I never had associated mountain dew with hillbillies, there was a picture of a cowboy vagabond on it, sure enough and I found the advertisement fun: Yahoo .. mountain dew, accompanied with mountain banjo music. I nodded and we sat down.


The tables were sparsely occupied and there was muted talk, what a different world. Toby's jug was a stylish place.

The hootchie kootchie man sounded now, but in a version that bent your mind. I knew I  would always be hooked on lyrics and music. It was Steppenwolf, the lead guitar psychedelically pulling apart the air with broken blues rhythms. This were the blues in a nutshell. You drowned in the music. A tape recorder with huge spools stood at the wall turning slowly and I realized that all the music had been prechosen and picked out by someone who was very fond of Steppenwolf.

 Hey hootchie kootchie boy, ‘laughed Shirly,’ you're far away, You have not heard a word of what I said. ‘ ‘No,’ I admitted sheepishly now, ‘sorry I did not notice.’ That I like you and if you are a hootchie kootchie boy? ‘‘ That depends, ‘I said,’ what is expected of such a boy? ‘ ‘That he is strong and cool and defends the honor of women until his death 'and I interrupted her,’ I think I'm one of those' and Shirly laughed and continued, and is abundantly rewarded in long not ending sessions of lovemaking. ‘ I choked violently on my tonic. ‘ I mean it, ‘she said,’ if you have no other plans for this evening. ‘ ‘Hey,’ said Rico, 'I think I'm one too. Explain that to your pancake girl, ‘said Shirly and she pointed to the door. Debbie came walking in and waved and then walked up to our table. ‘I’ve got to powder my nose,’ she said, ‘and then I am getting something to drink and she squeezed Rico in passing in his shoulder, 'hi Zombie boy,’ she laughed and disappeared towards toilets.

There was a commotion outside, ‘I am the best cowboy man, the world's best cowboy.’ Someone was pulling at the door that opened inward and which had to be pushed. ‘Let me in, my mates are down here.‘ ‘Oh my God,’ I said, 'that's Mama Fuzz, ‘it does not end tonight.’ Open the damn door, the cowboy is here, bring the bull out, let it come. ‘ His voice betrayed a state of heavy drunkenness. The bartender who brought the drinks looked at us quizzically. ‘ That is a friend but in zombie state, ‘reported Rico.’ Is he conflict seeking, ‘he wanted to know?’ No he is not, ‘I replied,’ a little lonely, I guess, and he overheard where we were going.‘ ‘Hmm,’ said the bartender, and he walked to the door and pulled it open so that a forward falling Fuzzy came rolling in. ‘ Good evening, ‘he said as he put inside two wobbly steps. ‘Good evening, my lord, I'll make you a coffee before you drop,’ said the bartender? Fuzz looked blurry at him. 'Okay,' he said, if that is the way it goes here, then so be it. ‘He put his hat right. ‘That must be taken off sir,’ the bartender advised, ‘respect for the ladies if you know what I mean?’ He pointed at the huge black bodybuilder who was more square than high. He had not been noticed before by me, it was obviously a hired strong arm, a bouncer.


Born on the Bayou it sounded now, muffled at first and then slowly swelling. Creedence clearwater revival. Fuzz looked surprised, 'that's a big lady’ he said and removed his hat. The Negro tipped two fingers on an imaginary hat that was missing on his head and looked with interest at the strolling stumbling gait of Fuzz who now walked to the bar. Debbie came out of the toilets and arrived almost simultaneously with Fuzz at the bar. 'Good evening 'ma'm,‘ said Fuzz while he searched for his missing hat on his head to lift it. ‘Also a good night,’ Debbie said, ‘I’ll  have a coke’ she said to the bartender. Fuzzy unbuttoned with a clumsy hand his shirtpocket. He held a note of $ 10 there and said, ‘I am inviting you ma'm 'and he threw it on the bar,’ a fine young lady like you, pays nothing except for services, you do understand? ‘

‘Nice,’ he said again, but now with a higher pitched voice, ‘you want to hump the world's best cowboy’ and he threw $ 20 at the bar. ‘Really,’ Debbie said indignantly. ‘Holy shit, Rico,’ he thinks he's in the Queen's, ‘I said to a bewildered Rico. ‘Go away or I'll call the bouncer,’ Debbie said simply. ‘Woa woa,’ replied Fuzzy, as if  he urged a horse to stop. I understand what is happening here. ‘ The tape had arrived at Suzie Q  by Creedence and I realized that we would now have the Creedence sound for a while. But that was not so, the bartender pushed a button and the music stopped. The enormous negro rolled his muscles and looked with dangerous interest at Fuzzy. ‘Do not get involved with it,’ said Rico. ‘Whoa,’ said Fuzzy, again, but the whole bar was listening now. He sought  in his pocket and slammed 100 dollars on the bar, 'sorry missy, I estimated it incorrectly. You want to lay the world's best cowboy for $ 100 ‘Mama Fuzzy was now slurring in an uncertain voice. ‘Don’t Fuzzy,’ I cried. He had to work a week for that. ‘ Lay you,’ asked the girl who had to bake a lot of pancakes for a hundred bucks

This was not going to turn out well, I felt it down to my toes. ‘ What do you expect from a good lay? ‘ ‘Ah,’ said Fuzzy 'now we have a conversation. He sought further into his pocket and counted out some bills. The attention of every table was now focused on the two at the bar as if we were watching a bad B movie. A tableau vivant where we were the frozen tableau and the main players were unaware of the spectators.

‘Four hundred dollars lady,’ said Fuzz with a country western cowboy rut in his voice, and kept the money in his hand. 'Okay,' everyone heard Debbie clearly say, 'yes I ‘ll fuck for and with you for four hundred dollars. ‘ ‘What are you going do then for that money, that's mighty big money lady,’ said Fuzzy. ‘Anything you want,’ Debbie said. Rico was livid. ‘Ha, Fuzzy, shouted’ Now that we know what you are, let's argue about the price. ‘The girl gave him a resounding slap in the face. The bartender nodded at the huge negro. Fuzzy was just caught with one hand in his collar and half lifted and dragged to the door. The bartender kept the door open and put Fuzzy down if he were a toy. He aimed and with a well-aimed kick in the ass Fuzzy flew away from the life of Debbie on to the pavement. The Negro walked to the coat stand and rumpled the cowboy hat. He opened the door, spat into the hat and shouted, ‘Hey wanker boy, here is your hat 'and closed the door again.


Debbie ran crying to the toilets and I got up and grabbed the money of the bar. ‘ I will ensure that the world's best cowboy tomorrow gets back his change, ‘I said. Rico was still frozen and the bartender started the tape recorder and Suzy Q again, who was being praised by Creedence for her beauty. I caught Debbie. ‘ Leave me alone, ‘she cried. ‘No,’ I said, ‘what happened was a bad joke, a cruel bad joke. We all respect you and what you did was a joke back. ‘ That was not Debbie !! Do you understand. ' I took her back to our table and the waiter brought her coke. ‘Here, nothing happened,’ I said 'this is Debbie a good friend of ours. ‘ Hey Deb, ‘you know Rico don’t you?’ ‘You're cool, hootchie boy,’ whispered Shirly, 'I'm going to take you home. ‘‘ I think Fuzz will pay this round and I gave a note of the snatched money to the bartender. So I ended up in the apartment of Shirly, picked up by a lovely girl who was 7 years older and who followed her heart. I had left my guest address at Rico’s.

San Daniel March 2015

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