The hidden years in Canada 20, the insight

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The insight

We walked with the pay packets in our hands from the coffee room, we had again eaten Kurt’s  bread of grace. ‘What is that man a fucking freak,’ Rico said to me and I realized that we got rougher  every day. I confirmed that the man really was a freak, a control freak. ‘Oh,’ I said, ‘he is all day in an office and he knows that we are the real men. That cannot be too much fun, he cannot do without us, but yet he is our boss. Then you get that sort of thing, then he must compensate for his shortcomings. ‘ ‘Hey,’ Freddy said, ‘can I get a ride to the pawnshop, I am going to get my twitch.’ ‘Sure,’ I said, ‘take the front seat. The best place is for the messengers. ‘ In reality, I wanted to see him. The man was unpredictable. ‘Ha,’ said Freddy, ‘it is beginning to sink in.’

I started the old Pontiac and turned to the chrome button to turn on the radio while Rico opened the back door and got in ‘.. At 114 CKXL,’  it sounded now the speaker blew the sound through tiny perforated holes in the dashboar. Mad dog's and Englishmen, folks, and it's Cocker, Joe Cocker.. Oh dear landlord. The man is a swinger and a singer. That was rude! I had seen him on TV. He had a bowler hat and sang in a way that I had never heard before, and with a hoarse voice but swinger, no, Joe Cocker was spastic and moved thereby involuntarily while singing. ..and stay tuned in persecuted the cheerful voice because then you will hear from him again, ‘that's your business now.’ I understood from this that someone had paid good money to put Joe's plate in the picture and plug it.


The sound of a honkytonk piano filled the cabin but in a way that made it almost hard rock. ‘That man,’ Freddy said suddenly, ‘has a dark voice he should be banned, this is white area. They come secretly, if you do not pay attention, and before you know it, they're there. ‘ ‘We are also there Freddy 'and I stopped the car in front of the pawnshop,’ your twitch awaits you. ‘ He got out and stood in front of the car and drew his knife, and exclaimed: ‘Blessed art thou good crusaders' and stepped onto the pavement. ‘As mad as a hatter,’ Rico thought as he came to the front seat. ‘He's totally fucked up and obsessed with tribes and races ',' You know Rico,’ I said, ‘as we continue working here too long, we may also turn into one of them.’ ‘That fucking never,’ Rico said but I looked at him sideways. ‘Rico,’ I began, ‘would you have said that a few months ago?’ ‘Man, don’t fuck me about,’ Rico said, 'What do you mean? ‘ ‘Every second word coming out of your mouth has become a swear word,’ I said, ‘and I catch myself occasionally doing it. That is how it begins, you glide silently down to their way of talking and then you take after their other habits and before you know it you stand example for the new guys. We all just move our boundaries and find that normal. ‘

‘If you're not careful, everything just revolves around the Thursday when the wages are paid and bars such as the Queen's. ‘Ladies night,’ you’ll shout out, ‘where are the ladies of the night’ and then you drink your heads off and like a half drunk you hang a day later 15 high from a steel beam above the traffic. Is that life? ‘ ‘Man,’ said Rico, ‘for us it is only temporary, we will soon go back to do other things.’ ‘I bet they all have thought that,’ I replied. ‘There is not a boy at school who thinks, I'm going to turn into an alcoholic failure when I grow up. ' The letter, from the Box Tops,’ sounded the cheerful voice and something new came out of the speaker under the dashboard. ‘Rico,’ I said, 'This is our life now! We are drugged with music and entertainment, we find a few ladies on Thursday, who never could have imagined a few years ago that they would hang out in seedy pubs and  everyone thinks that it is only for a moment. Those ladies turn naturally, as time passes by, into a bunch of humped off old whores and we will be all degenerated alcoholic swines. '


‘Maybe we are not all Freddies, but I think he's been suffering from his’ demons ‘ before he went to work.’ ‘Do not worry,’ laughed Rico, ‘in about a month I’ll go back to high school, then begins the last semester and my missing courses will be offered and then I  am called again just young Richard and not fucking young Richard, but you know and laugh if you want to, I will miss the Queen's .. .. and you, ‘he said,’ how will life go for you? ‘ ‘Oh you know where to find me with the mates on the Thursday, but then do not talk too posh or someone will hit you in your mouth. The coming and going  is great after a few months, no one works here anymore from your former team. When I'm 18 I'll apply for my passport and then I’ll leave, ‘I replied. ‘Then make sure by that time  that you’ve got some money together,’ said Rico ‘and don’t live from hand to mouth. Do as Fuzz, if you know what I mean.  ‘I nodded, Fuzz was the only one so far with future plans the others just blew immediately what they’d earned away. The heavy American car, found his parking spot in front of Rico's home.

‘A quick shower and then to the Queen's man, will have a few laughs tonight,’ Rico said as he got out. ‘We are the knights of the crotch,.. ha ha, I meant cross.’ He was almost right, we would go to the Queen's but there would not be much laughter.

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