Liefde en pijn ( engels)

Door Xmistimabo gepubliceerd op Monday 23 March 00:09
Baby please stay.. You cover my scars and teach me how to love.. you know what it feels like to be harmed.. You take away my pain and clear all my thoughts.. You make me realise how to love.. You opened my eyes and you made me see that love can be real and you'll give it to me.. I want you to stay baby please don't leave.. That I will be happy is what you make me believe.. I told you my fears and showed you my flaws but you keep telling me how beautiful they are.. You give me hope and thanks to you.. You know my mistakes and still you looking through I want you to stay and i will do my best and there is no need to think about the past... I would like to see how this story ends. I am afraid to lose you.. I am afraid you will find someone that deserves to be with you every second .. I am afraid that you don't want to spend time with me anymore because you want to spend time with her.. J am afraid that i'm just not good enough for you.. I've been there before.. I know what it feels like to be forgotten and replaced by some people who meant the world to me.. and still i'm doing 'fine' . @xmistimabo

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