The hidden years in Canada 17, the prophet

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The prophet

‘So,’ Freddy said as he sat in the back with the shotgun between his legs, ‘ are you going to the Queen's tonight?’ ‘No,’ I replied, ‘we already have plans for this weekend.’ I glanced sideways at Rico who was very quietly. ‘Is that not right Rico,’ I asked? Rico just nodded. ‘What's going on with him,’ said Freddy? ‘He almost blew off the building,’ I said. ‘ Well, ‘thought Freddy, ’it didn’t happen now did it? ‘ ‘Hey,’ he called to the front seat, 'boy, listen to me, no one is going before his time. You only go if the big one calls you, as simple as that. What part did you not get? Did you go up again immediately? ‘ No,’ Rico shook his head. ‘There was too much wind,’ I explained, that and Uncle Rico was hanging over 15 floors above the ground. ‘You should have done it right away,’ said Freddy McGee. 'You don’t  want to give the big son of a whore no chance otherwise things go wrong with you. ‘ ‘Which son of a whore,’ I wanted to know, while I gently guided the Pontiac over potholes.

‘The fear,’ said Freddy. ‘You must not allow fear in your life. That great one up there made me handy with a knife. I'm not very strong, but tough enough to do some kind of work whatsoever, but not like you. ‘ ‘Look,’ Freddy said, ‘ let me leave some insights of mine with you. I walk around a little longer than you and I have had some bad experiences. The Lord is my shepherd and my knife is his message, which allows me to be a prophet and implement his word. I communicate with my knife, I can spread the good news with that in hand, it explains everything. ‘This was insane, I just wished he was not behind us with that large caliber elephant gun. ‘I always listen to the Lord,’ continued Freddy, ‘I am his chosen one, say his servant. When the Lord says, stab that red skin or grab that nigger, so what am I supposed to do, well obey of course. Sometimes he says, your colleague is out of line, you must adjust him. I'm never afraid, I am sent. You have to listen to the voices in your head, because at times it is not the Lord. Did you not correct with my knife George the pigpen when he wanted to shove Howie Mistuh Kurt  out of the elevator? '

‘Yes,’ I admitted, ‘but that was because I asked for your knife.’ ‘You have received my message and passed it on,’ said Freddy. ‘ Did pig not listen to you? ‘ ‘Freddy, I pushed your knife point in his neck, who would not listen,’ I said? Freddy was serious, I saw his eyes with holy fire burning in my rearview mirror. ‘ Freddy, you're a kind of receiver, what do you hear, for instance? ‘ ‘I have to separate the tribes,’ he said, ‘it has been revealed to me.’ ‘Oh,’ I said, and I thought it would be nice if he stood in the street outside again with his twitch. ‘The Indians and the blacks have killed the Lord.’ ‘What,’ I said, surprised, just forgetting how dangerous the voices were that Freddy heard. ‘Listen, anyway,’ said Freddy McGee as he theatrically lifted his hands up. ‘The men of Israel were not white, themselves, they called out: His blood be upon us and our children ‘and that is my mission, I am the weapon  of God, the interpreter of that curse. When they let Barabas  go to crucify Jesus, they called the blood of the son over themselves. ‘


‘So Freddy,’ I said as I began to feel uneasy, ‘you hear a voice and you obey it?’ Yes, ‘said Freddy, ‘always I can not fail.’ I resolved to never to go up alone with him. Rico came out of his lethargic state, ‘Hey Fred,’ he said, ‘the negroes here that you want to convert, they were  born here? They are Canadians, and have nothing to do with what happened in Israel 2000 years ago. ‘ ‘Oh,’ Freddy said, ‘it's not quite clear yet. If you are a dog and you are born into a horse’s stable, you stay a dog and you will never be a horse. ‘ I knew now without further ado, that the man was completely crazy. ‘Do you see that boy 'and I heard the change in intonation in McGee's voice,’ I hear the voice now, listen to it, please, ‘he looked almost desperate, I need to know. ‘Do you understand Rico my friend?’ ‘It is completely clear to me,’ Rico said. ‘Sometimes,’ Freddy continued, ‘Negroes and Indians are just whites. Then you cannot see it, right? But that is how it is. If you peel an apple a different color appears. ‘

‘Oh,’ he said, ‘that is why I drink, you know?’ ‘No,’ I said in all honesty, I hear so much news. ‘To keep away the demons,’ continued Fred. ‘I put them to silence with drink and follow only the voice of my savior.’ ‘That tells you that you have to stab people,’ I asked dumbfounded? ‘Who else,’ said Fred, would you like it if you were crucified ‘and without waiting for my answer, he said,’ Well, Jesus did not like that much! ‘ Darkness filled the car and I felt a repugnance and fear grow in me.

‘There's the pawnshop,’ I heard Rico say with great relief. ‘Well guys until Monday,’ said Fred, ‘be careful with the Indians, who are not to be trusted or with people who are Indian within, they are bloody heathen. 'Okay Fred 'we cried,' right on! ‘ He kept his shotgun clamped in the elbow and drew his knife and held it the blade above the car as if it was a cross. ‘Blessed are you sons of old whores, now you are my disciples. ' ‘Have a nice weekend,’ we shouted and waved and drove away, and in the rearview mirror I saw the pedestrians walk in a wide arc around Fred.

‘As crazy as can be,’ we said to Don and Beverly bent over a milkshake at Pop’s soda shop. ‘ More dangerous than crazy, ‘was Don’s opinion. ‘Stay out of his way,’ Bev advised us. ‘I want nothing more,’ I laughed. ‘No, seriously,’ she said, ‘I feel some terrible darkness come around us when you talk about the man,’ I took it seriously and said, 'I know what you mean. I had a similar kind of feeling in the car. ‘ ‘There's a name for it,’ said Don, ‘it is called schizophrenia.’ ‘Let me guess,’ said Rico, 'you know that from: Psychology made simple? ‘ Don nodded. ‘Laugh about it,’ he continued, ‘I would not want to feed the mass murderers who believe they acted ona voice in their heads.’ ‘In 24 hours I almost lost my hand,’ and I put my hand up 'and Rico  made a step out in space with a view of 15 floor high and our colleague Fred has a Bible in the form of a knife, which he gladly quotes. Never a dull day. We never have a boring day.'


‘Soon, I'll stop,’ said Rico ‘and I'm glad because of it, I'll just go back to school. I work with primates and deviants. ‘ ‘Thank you young Richard, for your contribution. ' ‘Excuse me,’ he said, ‘you were just appointed as an apostle of the interpreter of the curse.’ ‘You too, I think, 'I laughed ..’ Hmm .. ‘I hear something in my head, I said. ‘Yes, Richard, it just came through, you are also part of it.’ Don did not laugh along, ‘if he appointed you and you've not turned it down then you are in his view, his apostle. I'd hate to go against someone ‘speaking’ the Lord’s thought. If you do not support him, he will think you are an Indian, trapped in a white body and then he's going to peel you, to find the real you. . '

‘This scares me so,’ said Bev, 'Let's cut it out, what are we going to do tomorrow? ‘ ‘The horse races, ‘ said Richard,’ my mother knows a jockey, maybe she has got some tips. ‘ ‘That's great,’ we shouted. Bev looked lost in thought and said to herself, 'rock bottom, ‘there's something about it.’ ‘What did you say,’ I asked? 'Rock bottom, ‘she said, surprised. ‘Why did you say it,’ I asked, and I did not really want to hear the answer, because I had an inkling what it would be. ‘I heard it in my head,’ said Bev, going pale. ‘No Shit,’ said Rico, and I looked in disbelief. Auto suggestion, ‘said Don,’ you call it forward because you talk about it. ‘ ‘Pop,’ he shouted to the old man who was spelling out the newspaper on the counter. ‘Young man, 'Pop said, and he raised a questioning eyebrow. ‘please look up in the sports section for the horses. Is there a horse name with Rock or something. ‘ ‘Hmm,’ said Pop and he let go his finger on a list. ‘Yes,’ he said, ‘Rock Bottom in the 2nd heat.’ We fell silent. ‘Is there a priest walking along,’ Pop laughed as he flipped back again to where he had been reading. ‘Avoid that Freddy,’ said Bev and shuddered.

San Daniel March 2015

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