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North Cape Challenge

Below zero a trip to the northernmost end of Europe to 3FM Serious Request. Since 2011, teams tackle the challenge to tip off over 6.000km to collect funds for the Pacific Disaster of the Glass House. Each year the teams leave the first week of December from the 3FM studio during the program Giel Beelen. Then they cross the Arctic circle, high fiven them with Santa, chase the Northern Lights and park their car at the North Cape. Along the way they have challenges of their fan base to raise funds as the Pacific Disaster. "And that is also immediately the spirit of the North Cape Challenge" as initiator Arthur Verheijen. "Our boys diving with an ice lake minus 20 in order to count as sovereigns with their check. The most beautiful challenge so far was cutting down a tree with a teammate still in the peak. But the stay at the North Cape itself in a sleeping bag for 500 euros is certainly in the top three. " Sometimes there are eighty men on the road all working for the charity which, according to Arthur Verheijen can lead to a tidy sum, "The last time we handed over a check for 100,000 euros in the Glass House, like the year before . Eventually we collected tons. "

Bombay Challenge

Oh yeah, make an excellent low budget challenge was launched late in 2010, the Bombay Challenge. This rickshaw run was a glamorous Indian gem in the family of challenges. "The idea was to first drive to Mumbai from Netherlands" says founder Arthur Verheijen. "But because we quickly through India wanted cruising we decided to get on a plane and arrange spot rickshaws." It was a smashing trip from the west coast to the east coast. More than 2 weeks the full throttle with a top speed of 60km p / h, more was not there. At the end the teams finished in Chennai where they supported an orphanage.

Red Sea Challenge

"This was an instant classic without that we had this on. Our idea was to again another side to drive on. "According to Arthur Verheijen. "Ultimately, we went three times to the Middle East and raised money and belongings for an orphanage in Albania." The Red Sea Challenge crossed standard Syria to eventually finish on the Red Sea. Every year there were more teams and was the donation for the orphanage bigger every edition. The Red Sea Challenge can seriously lay claim as the last overlanders in the Middle East before the revolution broke out. The teams of the last edition have not caught only Syria and Jordan, but also the Sinai, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. A few months after the chaos broke out. Once the legend of the Red Sea Challenge will rise again and include its bivouac in the Wadi Rum plants.

Sub-Zero Race

The Sub-Zero Race is the first record under extreme conditions for fully electric cars. The goal is to finish first at the North Cape, the northernmost point of the European continent. "Anyone with a fully electric car can enroll. The ultimate dream for every EV owner who wants to test her electric car to the max. "According to the project Arthur Verheijen.

The Sub-Zero Race is about tackling extreme cold and mountain passes in an electric car. While still a considerable distance must Knocking do you drain the battery. But you're here to get the fastest time from Amsterdam to the North Cape. Become a legend! 

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