A cigarette from the tip of the tongue surface of tongue

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Female Division Li-Jie Zhang smoke: never smoke after work Has given up smoking li-Jie Zhang told reporters to show how the product process of smoke. Spend not a dime, all sorts daily to draw brand of cigarettes, there should be a happy thing for smokers. But for 57, Zhang, Li-Jie smoke exhaustion of body and mind. Because women smoke products division, they do not eat onions, ginger, garlic, can not drink, also not wear makeup,Cheap Newport Cigarettes Coupons nice clothes, health is also threatened - aging caused by smoking and the risk of a pharyngitis is bigger than other diseases such as bronchitis. And before the smoke had a professional products division to be, they must sometimes at all. 34 revenue lines smoking you never to twenty or thirty a day smoking Professional smoke Division belongs to the special industrial type of work, has entered the national occupational classification. Are now known to the qualification of the Liaoning province women smoke less get one smoke of them, when 5 people from the 1970 s, is the Shenyang Li-Jie zhang Currently Li-Jie Zhang to retire occurred as shenyang cigarette factories, Deputy Director, human resources department Minister Hongta company in Liaoning was. From 1990 to 1999, she was a professional product smoke, she won the country's cigarette inner sensory quality of smoking Member qualification certificate. Li-Jie zhang laughed, said when she was 34 years old, has been associated with the shenyang cigarette factories do technical development department head of the Department, IT Department, the Audit Department, sales, the Department is a must by smoke, and before that, she never smoked. This work, a day and 30 root absorption is the norm. Smokers usually just some smoke, and t each cigarette smoking, Li-Jie Zhang is always more than 100 kinds of attempted "my parents I very traditional, smoke, not her husband, that women smoking is not good." Li-Jie Zhang said, but he had to have a baby, then learn to smoke for the first time, deliberately went to the factory, hospital, perform a complete physical examination, "I think,Cheap Newport 100s Cigarettes in my case, every year a smoker for the human body damage investigations. But unfortunately not to exist. " Three mouth flavor mixed aftertaste, say etc. Li-Jie Zhang said the smoke in the pulmonary circulation and systemic circulation, pulmonary circulation is not smoke swallow but the nose; Great cycle out of your lungs, and then walking the nasal cavity. At first, only learning to smoke, throat smoke had great strength, let tears DC cough often. If the, how to smoke, which Li-Jie Zhang, general assessment of six aspects: the pros and cons of smoking. From the beginning, let smoke fills the mouth, hold closed the mouth, the control of the nasal cavity, a short stay in the flue gas in the oral cavity. Use nasal Exhaled smoke, to keep, to breathe through the mouth, around the neck, the flue gas to the mouth natural movement. A cigarette from the tip of the tongue surface of tongue, tongue, throat and nose to find the smell of cigarettes, aftertaste and excitement feeling, the. Usually is a non-smoking three or four mouth there to suck no need, can count. Placed before 10 cigarettes, registered trademarks are again covered. After three mouth how mixed gas, flavor, aftertaste to speak, take will not practice in detail also some people a lifetime. Li-Jie Zhang said that initial training, smoke before a series of boat, inside, put the vinegar, ammonia, and other components of different things, let the feeling you have rhinitis is outside.

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