Thank you for my friends!

Door Eggy gepubliceerd op Thursday 12 March 14:34

thank you

for being there for me,

you unlock my heart with your key.



thank you

that you don't judge me,like some others do,

when i have a rough period in life,you pull me trough.


thank you

for seeing the best in me even when i'm in a bad mood,

sometimes in life a person can be so misunderstood.


thank you

for just being you,

and all the little things that you do.


thank you

for accepting me in your life,

you make me survive.


thank you,

for uplifting my soul when i feel a little down,

you deserve a little crown.


thank you

for standing by me trough the years,

sometimes with so much fun and sometimes also in tears.


thank you

that you take me as i am,

what others say about me,well you don't give a damn!


thank you

for your support and helping hand,

yes you understand.


thank you

for letting me be me,

through my facade you can see.


thank you,

are two words i don't use very much,

but they have so much human touch !!



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