Smoking and cancer is complicated, as we imagine

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The US Surgeon General Luther LT erry doctor known as, smoking cause lung cancer in both men and women, now have the 50th anniversary of the founding. Terry's behaviour caused a health campaign against smoking since 1964, adult smoking rates dropped from 43% to 18%. Smoking and cancer is complicated, as we imagine The White House ceremony, Terry is bold published a landmark report, it describes the most recent data, at the same time announced the latest findings of smoking and cancer, including the following: Risk of lung cancer in female smokers more than before Smoking and many other types of cancer; Scientists certainly colon cancer caused by tobacco smoking. However the report can be short about smoking, to cause breast cancer,Newport Cigarettes Online according to the report: there is sufficient evidence that smoking causes breast cancer mechanism. Smoking lung squamous cell carcinoma and the incidence of falling and the appropriate higher the incidence of Lungenadenokarzinom cigarettes mainly due to the change to design. The consequences are fatal, cigarettes are the deadliest of all cigarettes in the United States. The official name is "The health effects of smoking, the 50th anniversary of progress" the anniversary of the report of the most important lessons, and not geared to the needs of patients, but the payer for medical oncologists and health insurance. Timothy, Director of the Office on smoking and health of McAfee, said the doctor. Cancer treatment is in the large progress, $100,000 in the role of the drugs better, like to stop to let patients with smoking. "$100,000 to medicine to buy to increase a few months of life, and ignored the smoking status of the patient during the treatment, it makes sense to spend this money?" McAfee asked in an interview. And he said whatever it takes, for cancer patients, to give up smoking as effectively as the "best" chemotherapy. But at the same time, there are patients to know treatment of healer also not about their smoking habits at Festival. "Appear in 2014, according to the report, should not smoke to ignore the patients status." This is done, the grounds of the historical and cultural factors. But it has no sense." McAfee call not only one influence on healthcare providers, the impact on every taxpayer. In the report comes from the Centers for disease control and prevention from population statistics showing that despite starting in 1964 the proportion of smoke, but leaving would come to a halt. Poor people who smoke or start smoking more and be low level. This means that not more people smoking, new cover the proportion of smokers is affordable care Act exceeds the entire amount. An increase in Lungenadenokarzinom Terry, 1964 the first Surgeon General's report, is the typical male lung cancer typically a squamous cell carcinoma. Men smoke more than women, so the higher the incidence of lung cancer. According to the report of 1964, the tobacco industry tried the production safety, as the changes of the times, efforts towards the development of women smoke market at the same time this resulted in the lung histology modification in the composition of lung cancer patients and employees. These changes have been fully understood. Risk of lung cancer in female smokers more than before To write the report for 1959, 1964 and 1965, is the American Cancer Society Advisory Board study smoking a very important resource. After the behaviour of smokers have created the scientists to predict a model of lung cancer deaths,Newport Regular Cigarettes the tobacco companies evolved a machine researchers through filtering and ventilation to reduce the content of tar and nicotine in cigarettes. The decade after 1964 was to put the cigarette in the market. Report new Surgeon General recorded for many years scientists have failed to predict lung cancer death, until she started that explains your by changing smoking behaviour. This is the direct result of cigarette design be changed, can produce safer cigarettes. Cigarettes set designer in the same dose of nicotine, so smokers vomiting smoke again for longer periods or smoke for longer periods of time. This behavior fundamentally changes the body's response to 69 different carcinogens in cigarettes.

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