The hidden years in Canada 3, the lie detector

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The lie detector

‘The man is so blunt,’ Richard said, ‘but that is because of his limited capacities.’ ‘I would never tell him that if I were you,’ I replied. ‘You know,’ I continued, ‘yesterday I had contact with my sister in Salt Spring Island. She has indeed testified against my father, and he spent 2 weeks in custody because the ranger has reopened the case.’ ‘That's great,’ said Richard, ‘that puts an end to your problems’ We were dead tired of the heavy work all day and in my car on the way to his home. Yeah, ‘I said, ‘I would have thought so, but reality is different. He has been released again.’ ‘How come,’ Richard asked in surprise? ‘He has agreed to a lie detector test and he has had it.’ ‘Yes, go on,’ said Richard interested, 'what was the outcome?’ ‘Nothing,’ I said, 'down beaten.’ He belongs to that small percentage of people where a lie detector gives no result. He can concentrate on win, no win answers.’ ‘ Man, come off it,’ said Richard aghast. ’So what remains is something that they call ‘hear say’


‘My sister has heard something from me and she has raised that with the ranger and nothing definite has emerged after testing the new information. Moreover, I am the only one that has handled the gun and has actually seen it, the rifle with which my brother was killed. My sister believes me and the ranger believes my sister, but it does not matter there is no case. After all these months, the tracks are gone, so a second round with the dogs makes no sense, and there are numerous lakes and rivers where the gun could have been thrown in.’ 'Boy, Richard said, that sucks.’ ‘Look, ‘I said, 'it's Louis the lip story in a different way. If you fall down when you're up with Louis, who can prove that there has not been an accident? There are a lot of scary people in this world.’ ‘Man,’ Richard said, ‘tell me about it, now what?’ ‘I called my sister to see if something had come up, but my father had just called her, asking if he could speak to me.’


‘Then he thinks that you’ve left for the other side of the country,’ was Richard’s opinion. ‘ Yes, my sister hung him up.’  ‘What are you going to do about it,’ said the man who had just been called Rico, in the presence of a team of primates? ‘I would not know,’ I replied, ‘it's important, I think that I don’t meet him. I will have to ride it out until I turn 18, that takes one and a half year and then I’ll apply for a passport and I'm outta here.’ ‘Tjah,’  Richard said, ‘I understand that I would do the same, I would go to Timbuktu or a more remote place.’

‘Anywhere,’ I laughed, ‘but it was a wry smile with lot of nasty images of idiots that wanted to do me in and chase me to kingdom come. We came to the street where I would live only a few days and on the pavement Don and Beverly, two dear friends from a different world, were waiting. ‘Hey,’ said Beverly, ‘you're very late’. ‘Yes, ‘ I replied, ‘ that's because of the lip 'and I immediately realized how weird that must have sounded. With a bit of luck they would never have to deal with a lip in their lives. When we sat and had talked, Don said, 'you know what?’ ‘What,’ I asked?’ He replied, ‘your issues with your father are behind you. So much has happened that he cannot lift his hand up to you, statistics would work against him.’ He was right, I felt it down to my toes. ‘This is the first time today that I talk to normal people,’ I laughed, relaxed. ‘Thank you kindly,’ Richard said and I tried to explain but the words were about some way of life in another world and I saw from Don and Beverly’s faces that they did not understand. Richard and I were the lost ones who tarried in another world, the outer fringes of Canadian civilization.

San Daniel March 2015

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