Powder Processing

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One of the most challenging aspects of venturing into a new line of production or modernising an outdated operation is choosing a system which will ensure maximum performance and outstanding results. Powder processing technology comes in many different forms and sometimes selecting the correct combination to make your project a success can be a challenge. Obviously no one wants to have plant installed then have to instigate its removal because it’s not meeting requirements, so why not get your proposed new system rigorously tested before committing to its installation? Read on to discover the advantages of opting for off-site testing.

Convenient and hassle free
Many businesses require their plant to be in operation continuously in order to keep profit margins high. On-site testing of a fresh powder processing component would require a break in production, resulting in a costly delay. If the new item doesn’t work as envisaged, this can cause further difficulties and might even results in wasted materials or sub-standard products. The beauty of testing off-site is that production can continue as usual until the results of the testing are acceptable.

Test new products before commencing full production
If your organisation has come up with a new product they want to trial which requires customised powder processing in order to succeed, then off site testing can be the answer. Your product can be trialled in controlled conditions using state of the art machinery, giving you accurate data which can determine how viable it will be if produced in volume. Using an outside agency to undertake your product testing ensures that current projects can continue without any interference or disruption, as all the work is done off-site.

Core business remains a priority
Once of the difficulties which many organisations face is finding enough human resources to keep core business running smoothly whilst also devoting time to project development, the creation of new products and time bound pieces of work such as the installation of new machinery. Off-site powder processing technology is an excellent opportunity to out-source new or time limited projects, enabling existing staff to keep concentrating on achieving key corporate goals and objectives. In addition to testing and refining new projects, off-site processing machinery can also be used to cope with sudden increases in production demands or to off-set decreased production if a problem has developed with the in-house operation.


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