All Hallows Eve, Murder in Grave V

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All Hallows Eve, Murder in Grave V

Back to the beginning? Part I

Occasionally, Kamatayan was distracted by the Halloween decorations hanging from the ceiling. The street was decorated with handcrafted ghosts. Some gardens were decorated with pumpkins. Pomona day was what the Romans called it thousands of years ago. They sacrificed to the gods. The Irish sacrificed to the dead. Now it had become a ridiculous holiday where children dress up in costumes and walking up and down the street. Ringing doorbells asking for candy. Kamatayan was upset by this thought. She felt so deeply connected with death, that she felt she was not taken seriously on this holiday. Nevertheless, this was the night, like every year, she felt the best. She could dress up like "death" and have bad thoughts. She had these thoughts throughout the day. She had had a taste of her first kill. The cashier had to be next. Kamatayan decided she wanted to know where the cashier lived. After work, she followed her to her house. She did not know her name, but she did not care. When she found out where the cashier lived, Kamatayan went home. She would have to wait for the right time, Halloween.


October 31st is the night Kamatayan was going to strike. She knew the cashier would stay home that night to hand out candy to kids. Kamatayan really hated this woman! "Who does she think she is with her overdone friendly appearance? With her cheerful smile?" Kamatayan got ready for this evening. She took a costume out of the closet. She dressed like death, which made her feel so good. She put some make-up on, something she normally never did. Confident, she grabbed a sharp carving knife from its wooden block that stood on the counter. She thought back to the wonderful time when she cut through the watermelon. She fantasized about how it would feel to cut that awful cashier's throat. In Kamatayan’s mind, she saw how the blood flowed from the cashier’s neck, over her clothes, and how the light faded in her eyes.


Kamatayan knew she was running a huge risk by doing this in public and on a busy night. But she felt no fear at all. She wanted this. This was the moment! It had to happen now. Kamatayan had not heard anything about the police investigation for a few days now and she felt safe. The police had no reason to been suspicious of her. She looked at the cobblestone that displayed on her windowsill. She grinned and then stuck her knife under her clothes. No one would suspect that she had murderous plans tonight. She walked straight to the house of the cashier. At that moment, she saw a few children run away from the front door and heard the door slam shut. "She's at home. She is going to feel a lot tonight," Kamatayan thought.


She had had enough time to reflect on her accomplishment. She felt the urge to end the cashier's life. The feeling grew stronger like never before. She recognized her heartbeat accelerating, her dry mouth, dry lips and stinging eyes. She thought back to the time she had beaten a stranger in the the spur of the moment with a cobblestone to his head. Now she stood in the dark and in a deserted street at the front door, to her, of an obnoxious woman. She grabbed the knife from under her clothes and moved her hand towards the doorbell. She stuck her finger out and wanted to ring the bell. At that moment she heard voices. Childrens’ voices. She looked in the direction where the sound came from and decided to put her knife back under her clothes. She saw three children walking in her direction. She glanced around and realized that she was still standing at the front door. The children spoke to her and said, "You look awesome. You look scary! You are like a murderer or a witch!" Kamatayan looked with wild eyes at the children and said with a sinister voice: "That's because I am! Watch out kiddies!" Screaming, the children ran away, toward the town's shopping center. The urge Kamatayan felt to kill the cashier came back even stronger. She looked at the front door again and rang the bell this time. She heard footsteps approaching. Through the window next to the door, Kamatayan could see the lights come on. Kamatayan heard her own breathing accelerate. She grabbed the handle of the knife under her clothes and held it tight. She heard the lock from the door coming undone. Kamatayan looked impatiently at the door while she hid the knife under the long sleeves of her clothes. She waited until it was opened.


"Hey, I know you!" Said the cashier. Kamatayan glared at her, raised her arm and stabbed the cashier with the knife with full force right into her throat. The cashier immediately dropped to the floor. Kamatayan watched as she fell to the ground and grabbed the head of the cashier with her other hand. She slit her throat with the knife. Now blood was flowing from the cashier's throat. Kamatayan was about to take a look at how the eyes of the cashier turned away. "How beautiful you are!" Kamatayan said. "How nice for you that you get go with him. Go quickly. I am leaving now." Kamatayan turned and with the knife in her hand, she walked into the direction of the old Hampoort. Suddenly, she thought back to how it would be, to be allowed to kill there. She decided to wait until someone would come. She had a preference for it now! She wanted more. She wanted more tonight! As if she were dreaming, she walked down the street. She felt fiercely happy. In the distance she heard sirens, probably police cars, but that could not prevent her from her strong feelings.


Moments later Kamatayan stood in the Hampoort. She stood just around the corner in the gate, precisely so that no one could see her from the street. She fantasized what it would be like to stand here face to face with her idol, death himself! She still held the knife in her hand. She held it firmly. The blood that had dripped on the ground began to coagulate. Kamatayan heard all sorts of things in the distance. They were probably searching for her, but she did not care. She was happier than ever. She had nothing to fear. She was not afraid of death. Kamatayan forgot the time and stood aimlessly waiting for what was coming. Suddenly she heard a voice: "Search". She did not hear anything else. Suddenly, she felt something come closer. She did not know what it was. It wasn’t a person, but it was a living being. Like legs from an animal that walked over the stones. She heard the panting of a stressed animal. Moments later she saw the head of a dog. The dog ran as fast as it could towards Kamatayan. Kamatayan wasn't scared for a second. When she felt that the animal bite her arm, she stabbed the knife directly into its body. The bite weakened immediately and the animal fell squeaking to the ground.


Kamatayan watched the animal bleed slowly to death and did not notice that a policeman stood in front of her: "Drop your weapon!" said a harsh, but clear voice. "Drop your weapon or I'll shoot!" Kamatayan did not hesitate to walk calmly towards the policeman. "Another kill!" Kamatayan thought. She raised the knife and walked calmly. "Drop that weapon! I will shoot!" said the harsh voice. It seemed like it did not get through to Kamatayan. Suddenly, she felt cold inside. The bright light from an explosion lit the Hampoort. A loud bang echoed through the archway. As if the war that took place here hundreds of years ago, echoed once again. Kamatayan looked satisfyingly into the eyes of the policeman and fell slowly on to the ground. At last, she could be with him! At last, she saw his face. It felt so familiar. It was wonderful! "I am so happy to be with you!"


The End


for now...

Translated from Dutch to English with permission of stormerwout

Translated by Niki (aka Made in America)


Made in Amerika

All Hallows Eve, Murder in Grave

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