More white slaves were sold to North Africa than black slaves to white countries, whites, coloreds and slavery.

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The Prager University (Thomas Sowell) has given a statistical and enlightening insight into Slavery and its composition. The findings lead to a reflection that can immediately be applied to our own situation.

There is a tendency for people to immediately think of Dutch or British slave traders and slave ships, when slavery or slaves are mentioned. The traders supplied black slaves to plantation owners and these were sold there as cheap laborer. That point of view alone, needs being put right. The Dutch and British were carriers of the slaves. The slaves were traded on African markets by Arabs.


The slaves that these Arabs traded were supplied by chieftains of Negro tribes, selling excess or unwanted tribesmen to the Arabs.

A ship traded coffee without the investors having to grow coffee plants. They traded a product. A ship traded another product within the range of anything that was transported from one country to another. People, in this case slaves. The activity and conditions under which that took place, was degrading, chained to a deck!




Black people have no monopoly on the victim role in matters concerning slavery, if you hold history to the light, you’ll find that the Romans alone, let their slaves, read unwilling and rebellious prisoners,  work in Sbeitla, in the copper mines in Tunisia until they dropped dead. They also amused themselves with slaves as a pasttime where gladiators fought in arena’s killing one another.

The Jewish people, as biblical texts show us, enslaved the conquered peoples surrounding them. They slaughtered the men and the women were used as slaves.



The Society of the Incas and the Aztecs, their structure and economy were based on slaves and slavery.

 Slavery was never restricted to race, although Americans and black people in former colonies still like to point accusing fingers at the white race. That's totally out of context and  hiding yourself behind the evil that befell their ancestors. Slavery has always been. Slaves were not only black or white and the slaveholders were not just black or white.



In Asia, Poynesië, slavery was normal, you were master and you had slaves, long before even one white man had ever set foot in Asia.

Slavery was legal and regulated by law in Saudi Arabia right up to 1961 .. 1961 !!!

There were more whites sold as slaves to North Africa than blacks, brought to America. Then we are discussing the original 13 states. Whites were still bought and sold for decades in the Ottoman Empire, after the slavery (1866) was abolished in America.


The pyramids were built by slaves. Now today (31- 01 - 2015) ....  Isis (Syria!) engages in slavery selling women for a tenner of Christian men slain by them. They "marry" these slaves, abuse them and separate again from them by saying three times 'go ..go ..go. " and then they are also slain.

 The Dutch and British women in Indonesia and colonies were used by the Japanese conquerors  as 'comfort woman' (read prostitute) 1941- 1945 while their men died in camps or under forced labor.



There's nothing new under the sun. Slavery is undesirable and bad but no one has a monopoly on the victim role. Regardless of the undesirable trait that apparently exists in every human race that comes to dominate another race, there are still some nice positive effects. Would mister Obama have become president of the United states, if his  fore fathers had not been sold by a chieftain to Arabs? Would Thomas Sowell be professor of economics at UCLA, if his ancestors had not been transported to the USA? What about black people like Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Rihanne, Mohamed Ali, Sammy Davies  etc. etc. how likely would they have had succes in Africa?

 Get me right, I abhor slavery in any form, not just the cliché of poor black slaves, but slavery of people enslaved in a political and economic system that go to work every day with dislike, if they have work at all, that is. The exploitation of young people with no rights when they set out to work, or the elderly people that suffer the cuts from a failing economic system. The slavery of people always having to perform at their best or be discarded. The banks and mortgages that keep people in a continuous fear of losing their homes. The slavery of the lever of fear that terrorists try to impose on us.




The sex industry, believe me, not every employee / applicant works there voluntarily. Slavery is not limited to race or color, but manifests itself in many facets.

 Therefore, forget the nonsense about black or white or colored.  About slavery, about injustice. Life is the way it is, we live in the Western world, which is a great blessing, regardless of the room for improvement, which you’ll always find. We live in established democracies and can, thank God, participate in those. Democracies that are not perfect but we have come far and we will improve step by step our conditions, because our systems cater for that. Through political parties, laws, and the protective umbrella of the military, put in place by the politicians that we vote for.



Discussions and nonsense about victim roles and suffering in the past, obscures the real issues of slavery, from 8 am to 5 without any rights .. or that cute Chinese product which is so cheap because ... made by small young hands, of which the owner will never have a carefree childhood.


Slavery is bad and that is irregardless of color ... it's just bad!

San Daniel 2015

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