I am a busy bee

Door PinaJones gepubliceerd op Friday 30 January 10:08

This blog is in the make.

Naar een idee van: Make that the cat wise.

He walks against the lamp.

I am often in a bus-I am busy.

The apple is not far from the tree.

It's raining pipesteals.

You are so crazy as a door.

One swallow makes still no spring.

Better one in the air then the smell/air of ten.

He is the child of the account.

He talks out of his neck.

You came just watch.

All bits do help.

All foolishness at a stick!

As the day of yesterday.

As if you throw empty a bucket!

I bale as a plug!

Are you sniffed of the rats?

Rabbit-crazy (Gek op konijnen).

I see bears on the way.

Go outside his booklet.




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