The perfect woman looks like

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The perfect woman looks like


What does today's single man look for in a woman? Plenty, according to a recent survey. The ideal woman has to have a healthy appetite for sex, enjoys a delicious meal together, may earn a higher income, but would also stay at home to take care of the children.



To be the perfect woman she would have to be super-human. Appearance tops the checklist- even the shape of the rear is important. The man also expects the woman to maintain a healthy weight and enjoy a delicious meal him every day. Men believe that eating together is very important. Another expectation is that the woman has beautiful shiny hair and is self-confident enough to leave the house without any make-up on. Also, men would like women to be ready to go out for dinner within 10 minutes.



Single men who put these expectations on their profile of a dating-site, they will be surprised to see the results. To their own astonishment, they will see that no woman will respond! So, men, adjust your standards and stick with the inner-beauty. The woman's outer-beauty is as important and should be noticed. If not, they might not feel respected. A beautiful woman also has less than good qualities and poor habits. I have already shared my experience on a dating-site with you: click here (this will be translated soon). Even though some parts are a bit romanticized, it is reality. Open yourself up and don't set your standards too high. A mysterious woman has much more appeal than a woman who immediately throws her entire life-story at your feet. So women, if that is what you do, you will surely scare the man off by telling your whole life-story on the first date!


What else?

Intelligence? To a man, this is not too important. What is important, is that a woman has a sense of humor and knows how to have a good laugh. Good company is actually the key word for a man, although they will not easily admit it. Men will often find companionship in other men who they call friends. If a woman cannot offer enough, or good company, then "friends" sometimes become a "Mistress". Unfortunately, a lot of men cannot be trusted; yet every man expects his woman to be trustworthy. She may not cheat on him, better yet if she doesn’t have contact with other single men!


What is the perfect woman for me?

Yes, how should I answer that (when in my eyes) I already live with the perfect woman? What can I say without saying something wrong? What can I say without humiliating her? This is a very difficult question to answer as a man, and yet, I will try to answer these questions. For starters, the perfect woman for me has to have feeling for romance. This dreamer wants romance in his life. Passion and feeling are key words for happiness in a relationship. Empathy is also very important for me. If a woman doesn't understand what I am saying, there isn’t any communication. If a woman does not know how I feel, there’s not an emotional connection. I have to do something as well in order for it to work, that is called opening up to one another! Yes men, that is hard for us. We catch ourselves so often that we 'sometimes' forget. To a certain degree, I think intelligence is important, especially when dealing with humans.


What else?

She has to stand with both feet on the ground. She also has to enjoy parenthood and raising the children. Since the day that I have children, I feel complete and fulfilled. I have a goal in my life to make sure there is bread on the table. The outer-beauty is important. I am a fan of the female beauty. I like to see a beautiful woman. Besides the inner-beauty that definitely weighs for 50%, the appearance is crucial for me as well. My animal instincts that is being fed by my hormones, is looking for the beautiful curves of a woman. It isn’t so that each body part has to be perfect for me. The whole picture is important. Generally, I like dark hair and dark beautiful eyes. It just so happens that I  encountered a woman who does have these qualities. "Secretly I took a look at her butt”, was a sentence from my story about dating. Yes, that is important, a nice butt. Beastly, but honest, right?



In bed I will not share more than the way I tell my romantic stories. When I write a story, I place myself in the main character's place and try to imagine how they must feel. I empathize. I let my dreams, (in bed those are the wildest dreams) turn into words and writing come true for me. I am not going to throw the reality on to the table. That is mine to keep!


What does a man expect in the bedroom?

There are men who only want to let their animal side go wild in bed. Just a five minute quickie is more than enough. Of course every man wants a woman who is unstoppable in bed. There are also plenty of men who really want to enjoy "making love". Five minutes really is not enough and going only for their own fireworks isn’t fun! Also, most men can really get turned off by women who are just out for a "quickie".


Translated from Dutch to English with permission from stormerwout

Translated by Niki (aka Made in America)


Made in Amerika

The perfect woman looks like


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