The Canadian years, 58, Poopsie

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When I got home, my sister was boiling a large pan of potatoes. In addition, in the sink, there was a colander with sauerkraut dripping out. Two empty cans betrayed the origin of the 'sauerkraut', it came from Germany. ‘Gee’, I said in amazement, ‘don’t you know that Dad does not like sauerkraut?’ ‘That's right,’my sister said,’he does not like Germans and sauerkraut even less, in that order. I  don’t find sauerkraut great,’ she said,’ but I'm going out with Hans, so  I am missing the fun.’ I had not had it for long, and I said that I thought it looked  delicious. ‘With a bit of gravy and a piece of sausage,’ I asked. ‘No, ‘said my sister,’ that is not like my sauerkraut. I make it vegetarian.’ ‘What do you mean vegetarian,’ I asked? ‘Well, no sausage,’ said my sister,’ that's ever so healthy. ‘Gravy,’ I asked against better judgment? ‘No,’ said my sister, ‘we don’t do gravy today.’ ‘I'm almost done,’ she continued,’ let everything as it is as she turned off the gas’.’But that wil be tasteless,’ I said. ‘That's right, that is what I think as well,’ said my sister.


If I were you, I would get a burger on the corner, while you still can and don’t take too much sauerkraut.’ ‘If you see Poopsie just  say that it only needs mashing up.’  ‘For the little ones, I have made small pancakes, they will find that delicious.’ ‘Poopsie,’ I asked !! ‘You called her Beasty earlier?’ ‘Well,’ she said ‘it does not really matter what she is called, the damage has already been done.’ You don’t like her, I take it,’ I chuckled. ‘No,’ replied my sister, ‘do you?’ ‘No,’ I agreed. ‘She has stolen the little bit that we had away,’ said my sister.’ You mean’ .. I asked? ‘They know each other too well, a blind man can see that.’ ‘Yes, I think so,’ I said,’ but I wanted to hear it from you.’ ‘Well,’ she said, ‘I am going.’ She put on her coat and put her head round the door,’ mom, I’ll see you later’ and she added, ‘hey Poopsie the food is ready, you only have to serve it’.. she walked out the door. Oh, My sister could be as tough as nails.

‘What did she call me,’ said Betsy, who came threatening into the kitchen. ‘What do you think she called you,’ I asked innocently? ‘It sounded like Poopsie’, Betsy said, looking insulted. That remains to be seen,’ I said,’ she could have said pussy but didn’t say that, to me, she said something that sounded like Betsy’. She was obviously not used to these kind of stress games. ‘Hey,’ she said, ‘I am not having this.’ ‘Listen well,’ I continued,’ you hear something because you're further away. I am not responsible for what you hear’. ‘Look,’ I said’, look, what did you call my father yesterday, although, it sounded like Big Dan, I must have heard it wrong. That can simply not be what you said.. It must have been big man or something. But it should not bother you.’ Betsy blushed and I knew I had gone too far.

‘The food is ready, that is what counts. My mother is not alone, I should hope,’ I asked? Betsy looked very uncertain, without Big Dan, she was no match for us.  Suddenly, I felt sorry for her. I did not like her or anything, but I felt sorry forthe girl who had entered somewhere without overseeing the consequences.’ I will have to discuss this with Big Dan’, she said. ‘Yes, I can well image,’ I said. ‘Well, so be it'. ‘Has dad told you about my uncle and aunt?’ ‘Very little,’ she said. I think my father wants her to think that my mother is in good hands, so we will sit down with Mom, ok? My  mother’s eyes lit up when she saw me and I bent over to give her a kiss. ‘Hi boy,’ she said, ‘how was it today.’She looked bright. I just said, ‘my driving test went well and for the rest it was a normal day.’ ’You know, hey mom,’ I asked, ‘ who's coming soon?’ ‘Yes’, she said, ‘nice huh?’ I smelled alcohol on her breath that couldn’t be..whiskey? I smelled whiskey. I saw the glass standing on her table and also two pills. ‘Betsy's idea,’ my mother said, following my gaze.’I have no pain at all’. ‘That's fine,’I said, and I intended to talk to mister Everingham, my biology teacher, alcohol and morphine did not seem to be a good combination to me.

There was laughter and my uncle and aunt were following my father inside. My aunt went straight to her sister, and I saw that she was shocked when she saw my mother. They had not seen each other for a long time and we saw my mother change very gradually, day by day. That makes a difference. ‘Oh, it smells delicious, in here,’ said my father. ‘Thank you, Big Dan,’ Betsy said. ‘Do you want to help your uncle with the suitcases’, asked my father? ‘Of course,’ I said, and went outside with him. ‘So boy,’ my uncle said, when we were outside, ‘nice to see you.’ ‘Thank you,’ I said,’it's really nice, to see you and Aunt Jet again, so much has happened.’ ‘I know boy,’ he said, ’your father has told me.’ ‘Who's that girl’, he wanted to know? ‘She helps mom,’ I said, my sister works and can not run the house and do her work.’ ‘Where's your sister’, asked my uncle? ‘She’ll come later,’ I replied. What's that girl’s name,’ uncle Henk wanted to know and I could not contain myself, I said ‘Poopsie. I really do not know why, but I just had to say it. ‘Weird name,’ said my uncle,’ but then again, everything is different here.’


At the table my father went to the bedroom to get the Bible, he would hold a Bible reading for the meal so that they would get a good impression of him, I thought. Betsy meanwhile scooped from the mash. Uncle Hank looked at the mash and said, ‘Poopsi, not too much for me please.’ ‘My name is Betsy,’ said our new addition who probably began to doubt her hearing while she dropped the ladle. ‘That’s what  Uncle Hank said,’ I filled in. ‘He said  Betsy.’ Uncle Hank looked at me briefly and a faint smile curled his lips. ‘Yes Betsy, ' he repeated, 'what else?’ My father came back and folded his hands, "respect"  he commanded and began with a prayer of thanks.

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Die smerige drol...had echt de neiging mijn neus dicht te knijpen ;) ondanks je Engels is de drol toch heel universeel, Engels trouwens ook bijna ;-) mooi geschreven