Truth about mind and brain and body relationships.

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images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTPeyODIIfeb5lPnkPuEh0Mind and brain relationship

Does the Mind live completly seperatly from the body?

Does the mind live completly seperate from the brain were questions in psychology, actually a philosophy. 


Answered in biology, physics and chemistry. 

There is no question. (And its why all psychologists should be not just philosophers but biologists with lots of understanding of physics and chemistry. They should be technical, not full with own theories. That is dangerous, could lead to wrong idea's of the real body.)

When you discover dualism as an idea you also hear the word monism means is only of one kind of substence. Dualism means both are seperated. Monism means both are out of one substence. 

Last is the only truth, but not to approach in a black-white vision. 


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQw4TDsuEhG2ouuazuQ24oDualism opposite monism

Universe is made of all elements, each element holds a part of other elements. 

So all is made out of the same, is monism. 

Monism is more true... So the mind-body- brain... Is all one, and a part of eachother.


All alike holding a piece of the others, but are also like livecells.

Livecells are functioning on their own. And a part of monism, out of same substence. But to see as also able to be on their own. But as that part what we could name being on their own is only a different function, still out of the same universal substence, its still being a part in monism. 

Able to work on their own with the "same"... its a different development, of all the same in the universe. Thats a fact, no debat.


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQlMe4do7tR6W9iA7UBewHDualism is meant as an idea that all within monism works seperatly, alike how livecelss are doing that.  

By saying the brain is from different substence then the body would be wrong, all use same elements, and the brain uses as well salt and calcium to function, while the rest of the body would use calcium and salts to have stronger bones and a certain blood pressure. Etc. So many things all in element in the body can do. Actually elements can become a lot. And can do a lot. Thats truth about this "debat". 

But all livecells within us, simply have only a different function. But are the "same". From the same.

It's more abstract then black opposite white chats ... the dualism idea is even impossible. 


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRVjxOeEhhxrgMQXJk4jg6Living with a body is not being headless. 

its not being headless or only driven by the body... thats not even dualism... dualism is the brain can function and the body... but they are one... but arent ànd one...but àre one,


Within oneness there is a functioning.

Different functions. thats the full truth. So you understand all will communicate the body and the brain, all will function together, but do their part. 

The same elements create so many different things, that can function on their own. But are a part in the monism of the universe, to be absolute correct. 

It's a better question to wonder how molecules are attracted and can create many different livecells and functions... That solutes what "the God", the creator of this attraction is. That would solve many different philosophical idea's as well. The who and why are we. We now know molecules create. But why? Why is there attraction and development?


Also we function and evolve. 

We are created and we function, within our functioning, there many functioning cells, livecells, able to function on their own. But working as one, and coming from one and the same substence, but with different functions. That actually all are made to work together with other cells. Simply responding or creating complete beings. 

We do evolve within this world of attraction that creates. We become more and more. We get wiser, we get older, taller, and a different kind. 

We were simply only having water with live on earth, after its creation, and animals in the water were created, then on the land. And when that happend, monkeys were created, and from there we evolved into a monkey kind that created the anthropoid, that later on evolved into a small human. A long the way our brains developed as well. From this total substance, we got more and more brainfunctioning. Alike taller and taller legs, and arms, and straighter back. The same, but able to do more. The brain is a part of the body. 

So today we have taller humans, with more capicity, but are still as one in their body, even as one with the universe. 


Note about my sources: I was studying this and added the elements studies to this subject. This comes from my personel study in psychology, especially biological psychology and genetics and genes and expression of behaviour. But also lots from the internet. Soon ill add the links to many places where you can puzzle this question out yourself too. 




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