Friendship: Affection, sympathy, empathy, honesty, mutual understanding, compasion and enjoyment.

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images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTrnn6Rg25331BOrK0im46Friendship can mean so many feelings

I am gratefull that I can say I have lots. 

That feel affection, sympathy, empathy or honesty towards me. 

Or feel a mutual understanding, enjoy what I do or share a thought with me. Those are all friends. 

Thank you all so much!


note. Rarely, I met some people friending me and thinking to feel none of those feelings towards me. I unfriended them. I rare have to unfriend friends. Because the most people understand friendship in life and are sweet, generous, thoughtfull, fine towards others. 

Note 2 I never forget the first lessons about friendship in my life. People compared it with native americans we met in america. When people sayed hi. Meant I am a friend. But many from our side of the world had never met natives before and didnt know what to do with them and felt they could be a treat, back in 1400. So many people came out of wars we had to overcome in Europe, that they couldnt see the friendship anymore.

On they other side from a shared religion, about God (and the many names the one God can have) we are taught earth is meant as a paradise with only friends. 

I always kept all those thoughts and many others about friendship with me. 

note3. Trauma and certain situations can do a lot to people and can cause behaviour to be "unfriendly". I hope we all minimize the trauma's people can go through in life, so we all can always friend many friends, 'till forever! Friends are important to me. 

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