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We are the people

But we don´t know how to love

The simple feeling

Of human compassion

We have all forgotten


Where is our rage?

Where is our sadness?

Where is our hurt?

Where is our Love?


Where is thelove

The heartbroken

Where is our love

The encompassing feeling

To be kind to someone

To be human


We watch glamorous screens

Not linked to the world

We live in a shield

We have forgotten

Who we are


Hate is the opposite of love

Apathy eating away

Full souls

With empty shelf’s

And empty hearts


We have forgotten to care

How to care

But we are not

Mindless, soulless and heartless


     We must remember 


How to care

Because misery

Can happen to you


We will find our love back

While we are suffering and mourning

The encompassing feeling

To be kind to each other


We must remember

The simple felling

of human compassion



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