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It was a cool spring day and you noticed it right away the moment you stepped out the back door. An early bird whistled and the world was full of promises. My sister had asked in the evening what had happened to my cheek and ear?’ Nothing special, ‘I said, as I was drying plates. ‘Think about this,’ she replied, ‘he who handles the sword, shall perish with the sword.’ She had suffered the misfortune in her life that every time my father took a new contract in his life, which usually had a duration of 4 to 5 years, she attended a new school but at an awkward age. When she was eight and I was only a few months old, she went from the Netherlands, to a Portuguese school in Brazil, without speaking the language. So it was with a frequency of the four years dance that characterized my father's work, that she changed schools at increasingly inconvenient moments. At crucial moments there was a new language to be learned. What made her lag behind, not by lack of cognitive skills or insights, but stupidly enough because it takes a year before you can more or less function in a language. It had forged her into a strong young woman who was very observant and had a strong survival instinct.

‘Has your brother been pushing you about,’ she asked again. ‘No,’ I said. ‘Because,’ she said,’ if that would be the case, then I can tell you now that I do not allow such behavior.’ I was really her little brother. ‘Never mind, I said, it is all behind me.’ ‘Has Dad beaten you?’ ‘Never mind,’ I said again,’ it's better.’ ‘Avoid him just a little,’ she said, ‘he's not himself lately’ and she pulled the plug out of the sink, which made the washing water gurgle away. She had once again seen right through me.


‘Sugar Lips,’ I heard behind me, it was Shelley. ‘Good morning, lady love,’ I smiled at her.’ Hey,’ she said, as she looked at me a moment, ‘Have you run into a pole?’ ‘Something like that,’ I replied, a nasty post.’ You obviously thought of me,’ she laughed and the world laughed with her. The sun broke through from the sidewalk, waving palm trees,just in a flash in the distance, set against a clear blue sky. She always called forth that effect with me. Her smile was meant for me and was sincere.’ I always think of you’, I said. ‘That is impossible,’ she chuckled, ‘then you would be black and blue by now. ‘Why’, I heard the voice of Don, almost curiously asking Richard who walked beside him, if it was not the family kissy kissy ahead of them. ‘Yes, I think so,’ answered my other friend, ‘so early springs from the love. Is this the Face That Launched a thousand ships,’ he quoted,  imitating Mr. Boston . ‘What do the Shakespeare lovers say of this, huh?’ ‘Yes’ I said, ’it's almost too painful to say, but that is not of Shakespeare's hand.’

‘It is actually Christopher Marlowe, the contemporary of Shakespeare, he inspired Shakespeare, but was assassinated in a mysterious way when he was only 29 years old. There are indications that he was murdered for being gay. Think of his statement:. ‘All They that love not Tobacco and Boys are fools’, after Shakespeare he was the most important poet. ‘Good God,’ asked Richard, 'does Boston knows this too?’ ‘That's Mister Boston for you’, I chuckled ‘and if I were you I would say mister Boston, sir!’ ‘How come you recognize that crap,' asked Don?’’ I gentlemen’ I replied in the measured  out tone of mister Boston,’ can read.’ ‘Sugar Lips, my sugar lips,’mused Shelly, why art thou my sugar lips’, she had spoken in the 16th century English in which we were submerged a few hours a week. I recognized in terms of meter, a fragment from Romeo and Juliet at:.’Romeo oh Romeo wherefor art thou Romeo?’ ‘Well,’ Richard said, ‘where did that come from, come on young Daniel, let us hear it.’ ‘Where does Sugar Lips oh sugar lips come from?’ ‘From the mouth of my sweet Honeypie and it may surpass in my opinion any immortal poem.’ ‘..and therfore thou art my sugar lips,’ smiled  Shelly. ‘You know what they say about Shakespeare,’ Richard started conspiratorially at Don, who did not respond. ‘You do know what they say about Shakespeare,’ he had begun against me.


‘Illuminate me, young Richard,’ I said.’ Well if you were baker then you chose your surname as 'baker'. ‘Yes,’ I said?’ If you were a blacksmith’, then you chose as surname Smith, or if you were the son of the Smith you were Smithson.’’ Yes’, I said again, ‘and what has that to do with our writing friend? ‘Well uh, there's a lady present,’ said Richard. ‘My lady, I said, ‘who does not like to be offended.’ ‘Not so possessive,’ said Shelly, ‘come on Richard, lay your egg. ‘If you liked shaking spears, you know shake your spear then, hmm yeah they called you Shakespeare’ He colored reddish himself. ‘Spear shaking’? Then it hit me. ‘Filthy dog,’ I said, ‘you dumb ass, is that any way to talk in front of Shelly.’’ Oh dear,’ Shelly said, ‘have we become cavemen again? ‘Are you  a son of caveson?’ ‘Ask Boston’ Richard said, ‘he always listens to you’.’ I want to pass my block,’ I said, ‘but if you want me to I can prepare the question for you. Like, Mister Boston, sir, young Richard has encountered new information concerning the sexual orientation of Shakespeare, what would he say to that?’ ‘Enlighten us young Richard,’ said Don, in the very measured way that Mister Boston spoke. Laughing loudly we walked past the portals of wisdom. Shelly took me back a bit.’ After school, I want to talk to you about serious matters’. ‘Okay,’ I said at Pop’s old soda joint, I’ll pay the cokes.’ ‘No,’ said my fair maiden,’ll get them. ‘Four o’clock,’ she said, and disappeared into the crowd.

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