Top 10 Online Flash Games

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Have you been searching a good flash game between all those other amateur flash games? Don't wait anymore, this list contains the Top 10 Online Flash Games.

10. Dino Run


In this game, you are a small dinosaur and you have to run for your life. Literally. A comet just crashed on earth and caused a tsunami of fire and earth around its impact zone. The dirt tsunami will be chasing you all the time, but you will have time to collect bones and dinosaur eggs and you can also ride some larger dinosaurs. The game consists out of six levels. After each level, you can upgrade your dinosaur with the bones you have collected during running. The 8-bit theme gives the game a little arcade side, but won’t distract you from the actual gameplay. The end of level six is pretty surprising and will make you consider if maybe there are still dinosaurs out there...

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9. Age of War

This one is a classic and I am sure almost everyone has played it once. A few years ago, when this came out, people were amazed by the game. Now, even though it's an older game, Age of War still has its own personality. The game is unique and that's what makes it so special. The gameplay is simple but requires a bit of strategy knowledge. You begin in a cave with prehistoric soldiers against another cave-army. As you defeat enemy soldiers, you get experience points. With those points, you can upgrade your base and army to the next era in history. Your enemy will do the same, but not necessarily on the same moment. Sometimes, your knights on horses will be assaulted by enemy tanks. Eventually both your enemy and you will have reached the "futuristic era", where you can't evolve any more. From then on, your objective is to destroy the enemy base. The game is not so addictive but requires some time to complete. The sense of accomplishment afterwards is also great. 

P.S. : Age of War 2 also exists, so don’t forget to check that game out!

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8. 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer

This game is the only one in the list that requires you to make a free account on Miniclip, except when you already have one. I don't like it either to create accounts on random sites because I have to hand in my e-mail adress. I can assure you that I've never received any e-mails from Miniclip, so it's not a big deal. They're the only site that never sends me any spam. Now back to the game.

As you could derive from the title, this is a multiplayer game. When you have your account ready, you can play 8 Ball Pool with other people online. Recently, the game's shop has been customized and is now suited for non-paying players. Generally, it means that f2p-players also have a chance to win against paying players. Nor do you have to buy extra content; everyone is equal in this game ;). I have no comments on the gameplay itself, as it is just a game of pool. In the menu, you can choose between ordinary duels or tournaments with 8 people. Everytime you play, you have to bet some coins. If you win a duel for example, you get your coins back plus your opponent's coins. The amount of coins you bet can be chosen in the menu. Of course when you win a tournament, you get a lot of coins. I would say this game is great now and then, but gets boring pretty quickly. 

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7. Into Space 1, 2 & 3

Into Space is that kind of game where you only stop playing it when you've completed it. Three games have already been released in the series. Into Space 1 is great, but the second part is even better! But that doesn’t mean you have to neglect the first one. Into Space 3 is the X-mas version of the game. Thus I didn't expect much of this one because I thought it was going to be a rip-off. But it surprised me with its great story and different gameplay.

You begin as a scientist building a rocket that is ought to reach the moon and further. Beginning with a terrible rocket only flying a few 100 meters high, you collect money in the air. With that money, you can upgrade all parts of your rocket, such as the engine, wings, aerodynamics, etc. You can also gain a lot of money from missions, which unlock after completing some achievements. All three games are worth to play and have some decent quality for an ordinary flash game. I sure would advise the Into Space series to everyone reading this top ten list. 

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6. Happy Wheels

This game is a very popular one, because Pewdiepie plays it and also because it's awesome. Happy Wheels is a very user-friendly game and doesn't annoy you with too much ads. You don't have to make an account to get the most out of the game, although I would recommend it. The game is made by one person, Jim Bonacci. He made a few levels himself to let visitors get a taste of the game. Now, billions of levels have been created by random people like you and me. The game is sustained by the players itself. When you go to the user-based levels, you'll have an infinite amount of choice. You can play the best levels of the week, month and the best levels of anytime.

Before playing a level, you have a range of characters to choose from. With your character you have to complete the level. This means you have to survive and reach the finish line. What makes this game so fun is the gory side. When you get crushed by a wrecking ball or when you fall unlucky, your body parts break and get lost. So what, it’s nothing but a flesh wound. Even with no arms or legs, you can continue. Only when you lose your head or when your torso gets crushed, the game is over. 

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5. Nitrome

Nitrome is NOT a game. But why is it on this list? You'll understand it soon. Nitrome is actually a site with flash games, but not like any other site. Every game is made by Nitrome itself and not one is produced by a different company. Each game is about a different subject. After you've played some Nitrome games, you'll notice that their games always have the same structure. Mostly there are around 30-40 levels and the further you get in-game, thz harder the levels will become. I've put this website on the fifth place because you never can get enough of their games and because they're so special, they're even more fun!

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4. Corporation Inc.

This is a very relaxing strategy game and is fun for everyone. The game’s purpose is creating a company building and growing financially. You start with a budget, depending on the difficulty you've chosen, whereby you will have to start your company. You literally buy offices per piece and place them next to each other or on top of each other.

Your staff consists out of a dozen different professions and the worker is the most valuable, because they are the ones producing money. They do this by pressing a button again and again. Every staff member needs an office adapted for their profession and each office can hold up to 4 people. All the professions are connected to each other in a specific way, so you won’t be able to not hire staff with a particular job. For example, if you don't hire IT and technicians, broken computers and ceiling lights won't be repaired. The consequences will be massive anger and frustration of the workers who will refuse to make more money. Each person can be upgrade individually to boost their efficiency while working. 

The game is fun because you can see your company grow and also its profits. You can add offices and eventually build a skyscraper. This game never finishes, as you can stay increasing your profit!

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3. Jacksmith

If you like Age of War, you will like this game even more. Jacksmith is set in a fantasy medieval world where you are Jack, a donkey, smithing weapons for a living. With your mobile furnaces, you travel through the country encountering evil beings. Each level, a few people request a certain weapon and you make them. When you've created all the weapons and everyone is armed, they go fight the enemies and you can assist them by shooting cannon balls with special abilities. Afterwards you get a reward for the level and you continue your journey. As you proceed, you will unlock new blacksmithinh skills and weapons and there will be a larger variety of monsters. 

The smithing itself is the main part of the game. You have different ores to choose from and you can customize each weapon with accessories so no weapon is the same. Accessories always give a little ability boost, so you have to carefully adapt your smithing style to the monsters you are going to fight. Before each level, the game shows you how much monsters there will be and which category they are from. The game has an incredible amount of levels and there seems to be no end. This compared with each level being unique and new unlocks now and then makes it an amazing game. 

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2. Kingdom Rush & Frontiers

Kingdom Rush is the only tower defense game on this list, because no other tower defense game comes close to the quality and gameplay of Kingdom Rush. Even though the name sounds like a bad MMORPG, you will be surprised how Ironhide Studios, the creator of the game, managed to make a full storyline and an awesome gameplay for a lop-sided tower defense game. Kingdom Rush Frontiers is the sequel of Kingdom Rush and is basically the same but with new maps and other improvements. Both games take place in the same world.

 During a level, enemies will try to cross the land in waves. Your task is to kill them and make sure no monster made it through your defenses. Maximum 20 monsters may survive or you lose. There are 4 types of towers: soldiers, archers, mage and artillery. Each tower has its own abilities. The four towers cover each other’s weaknesses with their strengths. E.g. a mage tower is very effective against armored monsters, but ice trolls have a high magic-resistance. Those same ice trolls are easily destroyed by your artillery towers and archers. Before you start placing towers on any level, you should check which monsters you will have to fight and study their weaknesses. Afterwards you will have to develop an adequate strategy for each level.

There are enough levels and they never get boring. Your final mission will be destroying Vez’nan, the big evil boss, while he is hiding in his tower. This does remind of me of Saruman and Sauron hiding in their towers in the Lord of The Rings…

If you are familiar with the tower defense genre and you’ve never played Kingdom Rush, then you will have the time of your life. This game is a must for every kind of gamer.

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1. Last stand 1, 2 & 3

If I asked you if you knew any good free zombie games, would you be able to answer my question? There are a lot of zombie games online, but they never reach our expectations and they aren't as good as console zombie games. Well, the Last Stand trilogy is the exception we've all been looking for. It has the gameplay and the suspense of the Last of Us and a storyline similar to The Walking Dead. In other words: the best zombie game on the net. Nevertheless, you should make a difference between the three games, certainly the last one. 

Last Stand 1

The zombie outbreak has just begun and as you're very organized, you manage to make a shelter and a survival plan really fast. During daytime, you can spend your free hours on searching weapons or repairing the barricade. The barricade holds the zombies out at night while you kill them. Every night a hoard of walkers will be trying to make their way through your barricade. The longer you survive, the more difficult it will be to survive at night. But a new weapon every two or three nights will compensate the difficulty. Starting with a handgun, you will quickly upgrade to assault rifles and a chainsaw. Sometimes during your looting trips, you will find a survivor. They will help you killing zombies the following night. They're no big help because of their weak hand guns, but they're welcome. If you survive night 20, the military will find you and pick you up with one of their helicopters. 

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Last Stand 2

You could say this is the improved version of the Last Stand 1, as the main activity stays the same: killing zombies at night. I will sum up the differences between both games. 

In the military helicopter, which has saved you from a lonely dead in the previous game, there appears to be an infected soldier. Suddenly he attacks the pilot and the whole vehicle crashes. You wake up after the accident and notice no one survived the crash landing except you. From this point, the game will begin as it started in the first episode. 


Like in the Last Stand 1, you can choose how many hours you spend on what activity. But when you choose for searching, you will have to decide where you will be looking for supplies. In your town are a few houses you can loot. You can choose the places that you will raid from a map of the town. Throughout the game, you will be staying in several towns. 

Like in the first game, survivors are also found when searching for supplies. Some houses on your town map will be indicated with a "high survivor probability" tag. But a very annoying aspect about those survivors has disappeared. In the Last Stand 1, survivors fought with their low-damage hand guns. Now you can give every survivor a weapon from your arsenal. When you use two great weapons, for example, and you have a small rifle lying around, you can replace the survivor's weak weapon by your choice, in this case the rifle. This new feature helps you a lot throughout the game, as you double or triple your firepower. 

In the Last Stand 1, your main goal was to survive until help arrived. In the Last Stand 2, your main goal is to reach Union City within the time limit, because the last boats and airplanes will leave then. When you're playing and you are at the choice menu of daytime, you can also choose to travel to the next town, under condition that you have gathered enough supplies. Supplies are found randomly during looting trips. You have to cross three to four cities before you've reached Union City. Union City is the location of the Last Stand 3. 


Play the Last Stand 2 right now!


Last Stand 3



The Last Stand 3 is whole new game, except for the storyline. The only action you had in the previous game was shooting zombies from behind a barricade. The Last Stand 3 is a 2D-game similar to the platform genre. Before the game starts, you can customize the avatar you will be playing with. The game itself has an amazing storyline for a free flash game and the gameplay is intense. Mainly, you will be looting houses, exploring streets, completing missions and completing side tasks to obtain useful items. If you want the complete the game with all its side missions, you will have to spend several hours on it. In the beginning you will only have a few food cans and a baseball bat. Near the end you will have obtained assault rifles and your backpack will always be full of supplies. Everywhere you walk, in houses or across the streets, zombies can appear. The more xp you have, the harder the zombies will be to defeat. 

I could go on forever about this game, because it has so many awesome details and secrets. I can only recommend you to stop everything you're doing at this moment and enjoy the best free online game that you've ever played. 

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