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the application

‘I'd like to speak to the manager,’ I said to the young man who was filling a freezer and who had a badge with the words assistant manager on his apron. ‘What can I do for you,’ said the boy? ‘Take me to the manager,’ I replied. ‘He is working, how can I help you? ‘I asked to see the manager,’ I insisted, ‘you are not the manager. I am a customer and I want to speak the manager’. The boy closed the freezer and said, ‘’follow me, please.’ In an elevated room with mirrored windows was a stairs of three steps up to a door, marked, ‘no entry’. The freezer boy walked up to it, knocked and entered. Moments later he reappeared in the doorway and beckoned me.’ Come on in’, he said .. I stepped inside a small office where a clean-shaven man with a load of order lists was by himself. ‘What can I do for you,’ the man asked in a correct and pleasing way.’ I would like to talk to you’ I replied. ‘Yes,’ the man replied asking? ‘Privately,’ I continued. With a nod of his head he thanked his assistant, who left the room.’ Now, what can I do for you’, the man asked? ‘May I sit down’, I replied and pointed at the empty chair.

The manager smiled faintly and pointed to the chair,’be my guest,’ he said. ‘I am a local resident near your grocery store’, I started ‘and I go to school at the end of the street, after school I pass your supermarket within a 3 minutes duration.’ ‘Yes’, said the man who looked at me searchingly. ‘What am I to do with that information,’ he asked? ‘Consider it,’ I said. ‘I would like to give you a complete picture. My parents buy in this shop and are very pleased with the design and variety of products.’ ‘You are responsible for that, I assume?’ The man nodded. ‘I'm not lazy, and I am very punctual. I have cleaned many sidewalks before going to school, to save for a car. I'm not a problematic person.’ The man looked thoughtfully into space.’ I want to work for you. I’ll  do anything, scrub floors or fill boxes. What I do not know, I can learn, I will not shame you’.


‘If I say’, the man said with evasive eyes that there is no work, what would you say?’ ‘If you’d keep me on file in case that situation changes and think about me’ I said. ‘I do not need to keep you on file,’ the man said. ‘Do you believe in God, son?’ ‘Yes I do’, I answered truthfully. ‘We are an investment of the order of the blue nuns,you see.’ ‘Look, if you have faith then you are provided for. You may report tomorrow after school to the assistant manager, you work one day a week from 5 am to 10 pm' in the evening, at 9 pm the shop closes but the floors will need to be swept and mopped then, welcome to us and have a pleasant day. What arey ou called son?’ ‘Daniel sir,’ I replied. ‘Then you are now Safeway's man, Daniel, have a nice day.’


I walked on air on the way home. At the dinner table I shared that I would not join in with dinner the next evening.’What do you mean you won’t eat with us,’ my father wanted to know, is there something wrong with my food?’ ‘No’, I said,’ but I work until  10 o’clock, and I assume that we will have a break there to eat something’. ‘Did you say work’, asked my father? ‘Surely not in the laundry, huh?’ ‘No I can work one day a week in Safeways, stocking up shelves and mopping floors and stuff’. ‘Oh’, my father said, ‘and how did that come about?’ ‘I offered my services,’ I replied. ‘Were there openings then,’ my father wanted to know?’No, but I just asked for a meeting with the manager and after that conversation he took me on’. My father gave me a warm smile,’ you've done well’, he said, ‘but, your schoolwork must not suffer.’ What are you going to earn,’ my father asked? ‘I do not know,’ I said,’ I did not ask.’ ‘Almost good’, my father said, ‘that's really important in life.’ I nodded. My little sisters looked at me astonished. ‘Boy’ asked the elder of the two little ones, ‘have you bought a shop ?’ ‘ No,’ I said, and we all laughed,’ I go to work at a store. I'm going to help people buy things’. I was wondering what my duties would be the next day.

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