Is Television Educational

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For a few purposes, television can be very educational. For example, a Chinese exchange student may come to the U.S and not speak a word English. But after he watches a television show-not necessiraly one on a very high IQ level-such as Dora  (although more for little girls, it may be amusing for little boys as well; which is simple English, but shows like these provide a variety of vocubalary words), and his vocabulary is increased greatly, time after time.



As for the citizens of a country, knowledge can be expanded as he or she watches channels such as Discovery. Discovery Channel has multiple shows, documentaries, and even movies, which mostly provide an understanding on intellectual subjects such as nature, cults, historical heritage, and even a great deal on cultures. In a show as Myth Busters , myths are proved to being rightly stated or just an old-wife’s tale. This sharpens the mind of one, because with this knowledge, he deals better with typical myths. 



Shows such as How It’s Made  provide an insight on local and/or worldwide products, giving an understanding to the common man on how exactly certain man-made products work. This is especially vital in today’s modern world, where new technologies are invented day by day it seems. As for shows like Shark Tank  , one gets to take a look at the way the business world works, which may contribute to an individual’s business ideas take form and produce abundantly as the person works hard toward his goal. To a certain extent, one might even learn from movies dailing with high-graphics design, and certainly for “artists-in-progress” and it stimulates also the true artist in other people, e.g Godzilla.


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