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Male lactation: All male can breastfeed! This shows you always need best people around!

Door Chippies gepubliceerd op Friday 05 December 03:31

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS8x4DR_-HHTzSFzT6ePQrAll male can breastfeed. 

But like woman sometimes feel stressed or arent able to breastfeed. Man have the same problems. But in the core of the breastfeeding man and woman can both feed their babies. We have the same kind of "breasts". The man and woman have the same "ingredients" inside the breasts to produce milk. Plus the same hormones for that in their bodies. 

It's even their own baby. They are naturally prepared for the breastfeeding. Woman who have adopted a baby can get medicin to produce milk too. Woman can nurture at any time a baby. Man too! Even if the baby isnt their own! 

Note. In starvation we can safe eachother with our breastmilk! In general it's better to have mommies and daddies milk then cows milk, or any other type of milk. 

Big extra note. None needs medicin to breastfeed. Simply a massage is enough to get the milk running. Plus how you let your baby's mouth touch your "breast". Also you must be psychologically calm and wanting to feed the baby. Not in a stressed mood. You can practice on being more calm and prepared to feed your baby. 

Big extra note 2. To breastfeed all man and woman need a good diet. Rather none allergenic. 

Always eat and drink healthy. Lots of fruits and vegetables. Varied. And a long time. So when you loose a bit of weight, the child doenst get stored  of your body in his body that has been kept there over time. You want to be an overall healthy person. At least healthy for a long time. 

None alcohol. None smoking. No medicins unless prescriped by a doctor and known to you are breastfeeding. 


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQe5hlqsP4MdJmBAC-VpJBTips to increase breastmilk for man and woman. 






Feeding man solves many issues. 

  • Bonding with the baby
  • More milk to feed
  • Equality
  • More respect for babies by man and woman. Both are into the job. Both think about work and babies. None says I'll leave it up to you. Both discuss issues like breastfeeding and work. More will be solved in the working atmosphere for man and woman. But also in the house. 
  • Woman also can sleep more. Parents can take a nap on turns. Both will get more sleep. 
  • The baby is relieved. Nature is in balance. He or she grows up with 2 loving and nurturing parents. And has experienced the truth in his own life. People are equal! Man are also able to take care of babies just like woman! 

And many more issues that are solved this way of being together and feeding together!


Twins indeed, are easier to feed together. But also a younger and older baby are now not waiting for their turn. But can be fed together. People can feed a longer time.  You are together and niples can rest. So will be less hurt, or able to get ripped. 

People will also think a lot longer about who their future husband is. Relationship talks will not just be about "Will my wife be a good mother feeding my kids." The question finally will also be asked the other way around "Will this be a man that will give his all as a father? Will he do all he can for our children? Will he also breastfeed? Is he healthy for that? Does he drink? Use drugs? Is he eating healthy? There will be better couples for all children to be parents, because not only woman have to be good for kids also the men! We need that security in the world for all children. 


In a social psychogolocial way you can wonder what has happened to us human that we dont have many man breastfeeding our children? 

That I leave you to wonder with.

Why was this good news about men not told to all of us? Where they not wanting to be good man? Not wanting to be involved with their wives? Why? Or did woman not want this? Or simply cause the child comes out of the woman? Simply not dared to try the niples? Etc. It can be anything why we arent breastfed by our fathers. Or not anymore. Because some men still do. And some always have years ago. Before our time. 

(Note while you think about all this. In evolution human were a monkeykind, evolved from water with life into animals living in the water. Then we were even more equal. All the same bodies. No man and woman differences at all. And all got babies and fed them themselves. Later on as land animals this kind started to create female and male versions. Before it didnt even need sex to create a baby. But ever since we further developed into the monkey kind and now the human kind. )

I do find we all can create a better world. That starts by always being ethical. To never let nature be ripped apart and to always be natural at first. We always need food, water, breastmilk, a shelter, clothes, and healthy environments. Always. 

We also need best people around. Who dare to not drink when feeding our children. Who dare to be who they are. We need people that dare to keep the truth up. We need good environments with good social groups. That are studied. And dare to study the real topics. So we all get the most sophisticated and truthfull lives. The best lives. 

Then the shoping comes and the drugs we might need from doctors. The chats we perhaps want with others. The ideas to think about such as perhaps a type of religion we could think about. 

But we are human. So we are biological at all times.


Plus a last note on this.  When baby's are drinking milk from any person, it's about is that person a healthy, and good person to this baby. It's not about are you a man or woman. 


Read more. 



http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/medical_examiner/2011/05/man_milk.html (Prettiest article, to my opinion, on this topic. Made by a man! Including the text from the bible telling man to breastfeed. )

http://www.babycenter.com/404_can-men-breastfeed_8824.bc Yes men can breastfeed. This woman answering in this article on a question on breastfeeding says so too, but has done not much research. So she guesses still. Others have researched and we all should. Not to prove if man can, but to get people moving to get this done. To find out a bit more. To get all man involved. 




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