My Love

Door Robin1995 gepubliceerd op Thursday 06 November 19:54


When I am with a boy
That makes me happy
He strokes my hair
And calls me sweet names
He kisses me softly on my neck
His tender touch gives me goosebumps
When we are making love he kisses me all over, and all my thoughts melt away.
I grab his naked body and I scratch him all over his back.
Our breath gets heavier every time we move.
Our sweat drops become one when we embrace each other
We kiss gentle but wild, fast but slow
I blindfold him so he can't see me, he only can feel the touch of my lips against his neck and mouth
I ride on him like he is my horse, I go faster and faster, his breath stops for a second
He smiles at me 
I kiss him again 
Than it is his time to ride me
The feeling of his body against mine is so fantastic 
I close my eyes so that every touch feels even more intense
Our body fluids mingle
Our breath gets loud
We kiss for the last time
And then it becomes quiet
And we pass in the night

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