My dear friend who passed away

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Dear Corina,

You are not with us anymore,
The people who have known you will miss you very much
I can’t stand that nobody had known what was spinning in your head al this years,
I wish that you had told us, we had said that wasn’t true because we al love you!!!
Your life was really ruff, you mist your father, you wanted answers that nobody could give you.
I hope you found peace and answers.
I prayed for you that the people upstairs would give you strength and the love you mist most of your life. 
When people said to you they loved you, you couldn’t believe that it was true, because you were so betrayed as a little girl by the man who had to protect and care for you, that your heart shut down and sometimes the door stood a little bit open, but it wasn’t enough.

When I think off you as a friend you was the best friend who anyone could have,
You were always there for me, you stood up for me when I was in trouble.
When I needed something I could borrow it from you. You were always there even if you weren’t. 
You will be always in my heart!!
And I will always love you!!
I will miss you funny laugh.
I will miss that I can’t hug you anymore.
I will miss the conversations with you.

When I first met you were full of life you did stuff with friends.
You had a mind off your own.
You was always a little stubborn, but that was you.

We did some naughty stuff in the past,
We had fun we could laugh and cry.
I was there when you needed some one.


You were born,
You had a life,
You lived as fully as you could,
You had your heart on the right place,
You were a friend off the people who stood by your side,
You were a daughter,
You were a fighter,
You were a sweet human being,

Know your gone,
As a touchable being,
But your not gone out our hearts,
Your not gone out our memory’s,
Your not gone out our minds.

Corina I will miss you, I love you. 
And one day we will see each other again.

Rest in peace, knowing that we all love you!!

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