Gateway 3ds omega 2.6 published! Where to buy gateway 3ds?

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It’s worth to buy a gateway 3ds flashcard now? Why I ask this question? Because, we know that there are some kinds of new 3ds cards there! The new 3ds cards can support 3ds 9.2.0 system to run 3ds games! With gateway 3ds, you can not play 3ds games on 9.2.0 3ds console!

The new 3ds cards – sky3ds, k3ds and r5sdhc card – have only one card, gateway 3ds has two cards in package! Sky3ds, k3ds and r5sdhc can run on any 3ds console, including 3ds, new 3ds, 3ds xl and new 3ds LL! So shall we go to sky3ds, k3ds and r5sdhc? How about gateway 3ds?

There are several reasons that we have to support us to buy gateway 3ds!

The first one: gateway 3ds has great quality and reputation among 3ds users! Because it is the first card to break 3ds system! Now it is full in stock, you can buy this card directly! Though gateway 3ds card can only run on 3ds v4.1-4.5 firmware, but if you have an old version of console, you still can use gateway 3ds! Gateway 3ds supports emunand 9.2.0 system with gateway omega 2.5, you can still play super smash brothers with gateway!


The second one: gateway 3ds supports multi-rom, sky3ds does it, too. But sky3ds can only support 10 3ds games on one card! And the 10 games can not change if you put them in! That means you must buy another sky3ds card if you want to play more than 10 games! That is not cost-efficient!


So where to buy gateway 3ds? I recommend to buy from! It is an uk based online shopping store! All products ship from UK warehouse! You can get your order in 2-5 days! It accepts paypal to buy flashcards!

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