Song for Jules.

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I love you, not another/Song for Jules/Julian Lennon. (1988).

I love you, not another; I want you, not your brother.
I need you, not your money; I merry you that's not funny.
Just need me like I need you; Just call me like others do.
Just love me, not hate me; just merry me, let luck be.

I love you for your eyes, to love that's reason enough;
I hope you never cry, I like to see you laugh.
Give me the answer to what you feel for me;
Just tell me all your secrets, how sad they still may be.

Needing you, forever more; wanting you, come through my door.
Loving you, it's all the same; but for me it's not a shame.
call me love, ,'cause you are cute; I'm just sweet so don't be rude;
Sing for me 'cause that's fine; Look at me/Ju-li-an, you are mine.

Song for Jules. (The clip).

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