Typical Dutch tourist information

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What are typical Dutch stuff? What is for a foreign tourist something typically Dutch? On this site you will find typical Dutch things you should know as a tourist. We hope to see you soon in the Netherlands.



Netherlands has more than enough mills. There is always more ground ceded to the new more modern windmills. These windturbines can also be placed on sea. There are 1200 old windmills in the Nederlands, but these are cherished.



Netherlands is also the land of flowers and the colourful flowerfields. You see Dutch flowers anywhere in the world. Netherlands exports a lot of flowers and is the largest in this area.


Typical Dutch food


Netherlands is also the land of cheese. We are real cheese heads. Famous cheese markets in the Netherlands can be found in Edam, Alkmaar, Hoorn, Gouda and Woerden.  Also we like to eat herring (fish) on the typical way as shown below.




We love skating. If it starts to freeze we soon be nervous. Each year we hope again that the "Elfstedentocht" (11 City Skating Race) can go through. This is de largest and most famous skating event in the world and takes place in Friesland.



The Dutch landscape seems to have an infinite number of meadows and cows. Millions of cows walk around here. The landscape is very flat. There are no mountains here. Apart from the hills of Limburg.


Traditional costumes and clogs

Certain places in the Netherlands are known fot their traditional costumes as for example in Staphorst, Urk, Volendam (picture), Scheveningen, Spakenburg, Marken and Arnemuiden. Clogs are also typical something Dutch.



Last but not least. The bike belongs in the Dutch street scene. In the Netherlands are more bikes than people. Netherlands has the highest bicycle density in the whole world.




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