What a bummer going to London with a rented car from Europcar (please share this)

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A few weeks ago I attended a wedding near London. So what do you do, you find  a flight, book a hotel and you rent a car, we rented with Europcar, unfortunately.

So far all went well. I collected the car and went to the wedding which was a truly lovely affair.  After the wedding we stayed in the London Hilton, which was a bit expensive, but located rather nicely.

We decided to visit the Tate gallery and go past Petticoat lane and Camden Passage to sort out some nice antiquities.

We had a lovely two days. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in London... so we thought.  Coming to Spain we received after two weeks 500 pounds fine, which had already been deducted from the master card which we had shown at Europcar at the airport. Clearly this could not be right!!. We had used National car parks all the time...


Reading the accompanying letter, from the London Council, it appeared that  we had driven into a low emission zone (London centre) without a proper badge or sticker on the windscreen.. How are foreign visitors from Spain (tourists) to know??  Aside of that you would expect a car rental agency at London Gatwick airport ( EuropCar) to rent out cars that can actually enter London, and if not, that the client would be informed. Great going Europcar!!! You are certainly a company I am never going to use again!!!

The letter from the council concluded that for a mere 10 pounds I could have avoided this problem. 10 pounds sterling would have bought me acces to the centre of London..

Why the 500 pound fine? Now get this ,every time you cross that emission zone line.. going in and out to sites ,you are  fined. So if you unwittingly cross that line 10 times, ten fines await you. Great way of treating vistors.!!

There was no way of not paying as Europcar had deducted it from my card. A British friend of mine , an architect, promised to look into it.

There is more to come, talking about scandalous ways of treating clients.

 My friend spoke to the council and they advised not to pay the fines and write an explanatory letter. Once paid the council can not do anything.

As Eurocar had paid the fines out of my master card account it had to be sorted out with them. My friend contacted Europcar. Yes they said we always take the fines out of the mastercard account of the client. We are not responsible for the fines. My friend who had been well informed by the London council, said,' yes but the fine came to 60 pounds' how do you explain pocketing 500 ponds?

'We reserve the right,' answered Europacar to charge a client 60 pounds administration fee per fine. The Spanish client went twice in and out a low emission zone and therefore, as we held his mastercard we deducted 240 pounds administration costs.

So they fail to issue a car that you can take into the nearest city, London and then enrich themelves with a funny policy, Great going EuropCar!!!

Can you believe this.. well you know now which car rental agency to skip. For my next trip I've rented with Hertz. 

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....!!! Speechless ...
there you see madam, there is always more than meets the eye
Dit zou een Nederlandse toerist nooit overkomen, gebeurt alleen Spaanse touristen ;-) (wat een oplichters by the way)
What a service NOT! I would contact the credit card company and I would send Europcar this article with all the comments. Maybe you can write serveral reviews on Tripadvisor and other big websites providing information for travellers, maybe Europcar will listen then.
a very good idea .. I might well do so..
wat een oplichters
niet te geloven gewoon..
Europcar... It is already in the name they screw you...
a very analytical observation. madam
Sounds like a scenario John Cleese would write...
absolutely or.. 'catch 22'.. all over again
London de hoofstad van Groot Britanie mooie plaats voor te bezoeken
I do like London, I am not critizing this great city ..it is more that I hardly believe that If you rent a car at london airport..that you cannot take it through London..It would have been logical if Europcar had said,'If you intend to visit the centre of London we'll stick a badge on your car.. that is an extra 10 pounds....fine.. I would have gladly paid it.. when in Rome do like the Romans..