My start in Pennystocking land, trading

Door Lukkiey gepubliceerd op Wednesday 20 August 14:29

Hi guys, 

I'm an ambitious young student and I'm taking a shot at trading. My whole goal is to explore the stock market and looking if this is something for me: maybe later on as a fulltime day trader or at hedge fund or something else. Maybe it isn't something for me than that is sad. But I'm devoted to learn at least something. 

Now you know my background. How did I get started? I figured out that if I wanted to do something in the stock market I needed some guidance. Even tough that I am a business student I don't learn a lot about the stock market. So I took €2000 of my own money to play around with and I got €3000 of my dad and I opened up an account at TradersOnly and turned my Euro's into dollars my best trade and only so far. That's what I did first. Than I found Timothy Sykes a year ago and I decided to give him a shot and try to learn from him. Although he does a lot of marketing I think he works hard for his students and I'm experiencing that too. So after one month and a half I watch his dvd Penny stocking part deux and an awful lot of video lessons. But the most difficult part for my is to control your emotions and not entering a trade with fear or too much excitement. My biggest mistake that I make, while still paper trading, is entering a trade too late after the action already happened. But hey I'm paper trading and cataloging my trades so I can learn about them.


I think trading is very hard mentally but I want to keep on working hard to get it. And if I can do it I will trade more with real money and hoping to cross the 25,000USD range so I can trade every time. 


So this is what I’m doing I hope it is useful for someone, at least it is for me. 

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