Lost my heart

Door Vonderey bloom gepubliceerd op Monday 28 July 09:10

I’m losing my soul

My heart is getting darker

All I see is grey

When will this day finally end

Want to lay down forever

That’s the only thing I can think of maybe not clever

Don’t know how to love anymore

Don't know if I still can feel the love people give me

Losing myself, so many errors 

A explosion of anger

Lots of thing are bothering me

They are making me so angry

Motions of envy

All I want is to cry

I can’t watch this world losing itself

Cannot see the fights

I hold on for too long

Want to drown myself

Maybe I need help

Tears I see, rolling over the cheeks from the ones I loved

They are leaving scars, but nobody else notice

Except I, I see the scars

I hear the screams

Feel the fear and anger, forever cause they never disappear

Fights are so tough

Their tongues are hitting me with violent words

Even in my head when the whispers collide my brains turn them into something very bad

A habit I discover

Is becoming a part of me

Cause everything is my fault, feeling empty

The words I always said, are becoming more true everyday

Is it fear, is it care, it’s not love I swear

I lost my heart to something I can t explain

Something I don’t really know

Something unreal

I look outside and say 'this dark night will change into daylight, but all the things I hide are so lost in darkness that they'll never find a way to the sun'

I'm listen to the thunder, listen to the pouring rain

Listen to the drowning of the flowers

Till the night is over, that's when I think to myself

'It’s not night I’m sure, but I don’t see the lights anymore'



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