How does voting work on I wanna be famous?

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Want to vote on I wanna be famous?

  1. Please make an account. Only members can vote. 


You make an account with any email adres, or with your facebook, gmail or linkedin account. Simply go to the log in page. 

You can find in the right top of the page. Log in and register. 

    2. Then find the battles... 

Browse battles... Also in the right top. And click vote now...


    3. Or go to your fave contestants profile page. See mine for example...


Click on the battles, watch the video... and click on next... watch the other video of this battle and choose a winner... 

Also, share, like, google plus, tweet and pin the video many times if you like it. Become fan, leave comments to the video's and page...


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTJagxmS7nhPYN7ufNn-FcAnd see your fave contestant win a career and become famous starting in Las Vegas!

You can vote untill june 2015! Vote as much as you can!




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in many ways you can be famous if you work on it