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Hennessey Venom GT

Door AprilSurvive gepubliceerd op Saturday 05 July 22:42

We have seen the title of the worlds fastest production car being passed from Bugatti Veyron SS and Americas SSC over recent years, but with the introduction of the Hennessey brand there is another big player in the game!

The American tuner, best known for its mind-blowing Vipers, Camaros and Cadillacs, is looking to set a new title with their new Supercar, the Venom GT.

The Venom GT has a reputation for being the world’s maddest supercar. Or really, we should say “hypercar” because this ballistic missile for the road has stormed from 0-100km/h in a mind boggling 2.4-seconds. Yep… 2.4 seconds!

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