Erwina by Susan.

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Erwina. (“......You don't need the sun to shine...'')

It's another winter's day as I sit down by the fire
Set my cup of coffee down beside me
And watch the flames leap higher

I wonder where you are right now--are you searching for warmth, too?
Or do you need the sun to shine
When it's there inside of you?

Sometimes life just gets so lonely and people seem so cruel
And in their voices I hear the echoes
Of all the girls from school

Sometimes I can find no warmth, no matter where I go
So I hide behind a wall of words
And I hope it doesn't show
It's another winter's day as you turn on the radio
Set your cup of coffee down beside you
And listen to the morning show

You start to write a letter, because you feel the need to share
You don't need the sun to shine
But it's easier when you know it's there

By: Susan Mackenthun

The inspiration for this song: the first was that I had written a song about Ira ("For A Hummingbird")
and Erwina wanted me to write one about her, too. :-) But the main inspiration was that I found out that we both drank coffee first thing in the morning, every morning.

So this is a song about parallels: me, in the U.S.A., having my morning coffee... and Erwina, in the Netherlands, having her morning coffee. Another parallel is "the girls from school"--both of us felt we were treated pretty badly by several of our female classmates.

By: Susan Mackenthun.


Reaction Erwina:

The ballad of Susan & Erwina:

We're treated both badly,
at school,
by girls....
They all made us feel
like a fool.

Now we have found each other
and by this, the past doesn't (anymore) bother.
We have just both forgiven the girls from school,
Forgiving sets free
and makes you feel cool.

Pina Jones.

"You don't need the sun to shine when it's there inside of you......" [P.J.1993].

Reaction S.M:

"You don't need the sun to shine, but it's easier when you know it's there".

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