The Wolf of Wall Street: Quotes en Uitspraken

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Hier vind je de beste, leukste en grappigste quotes en uitspraken uit de film The wolf of Wall Street!

Deze film is gebaseerd op het waargebeurde verhaal van Jordan Belfort.


Genre:            Biografie, Komedie,  Misdaad
Regisseur:     Martin Scorsese
Schrijvers:     Terence Winter,  Jordan Belfort  (boek)
Cast:               Leonardo DiCaprio    (Jordan Belfort),    Jonah Hill    (Donnie Azoff),   Margot Robbie    (Naomi Lapaglia),    Matthew McConaughey    (Mark Hanna),   Jon Favreau   (Manny Riskin),   Kyle Chandler   (Agent Patrick Denham),   Jon Bernthal   (Brad)

Quotes uit de film The Wolf of Wall Street

Jordan Belfort:   My name is Jordan Belfort. The year I turned 26 I made $49 million dollars which really pissed me off because it was 3 shy of a million a week.

Jordan Belfort: Sell me this pen!

Mark Hanna:    Nobody knows if a stock is going to go up, down, sideways or in circles. You know what a fugasi is?
Jordan Belfort:   Fugazy, it’s a fake.
Mark Hanna:    Fugazy, fugasi, it’s a wazi it’s a woozy, it’s [makes a flittering sound] fairy dust.

Jordan Belfort:   Was all this legal? Absolutely not.

Jordan Belfort:   We were making more money than we knew what to do with.

Kimmie Belzer:  We don’t work for you, man!
Donnie Azoff:   You have my money taped to your boobs, technically you do work for me.

[speaking of LP's to be used for a stunt]
Nicky Koskoff:   This is their gift, ok? They’re built to be thrown like a lawn dart.

Donnie Azoff:   Excuse me, is that your car out in the lot? The Jag…
Jordan Belfort:   Yeah, yeah yeah.
Donnie Azoff:    How much money you make?
Jordan Belfort:   I don’t know, $72,000, last month.
Donnie Azoff:   You show me a paystub with $72,000 on it I quit my job right now and come work for you.
[pulls a check out of his briefcase, cut to Donnie at a payphone in the diner]
Donnie Azoff:   Hey listen I quit, yeah I’m going into stocks.

Agent Patrick Denham:   I think what Jordan just did is he, if I’m not mistaken, you just tried to bribe a Federal officer.
Jordan Belfort:    No, no technically I didn’t bribe anybody.
Agent Patrick Denham:   That’s not the conversation I heard Jordan.
Jordan Belfort:   No, according to the U.S. Criminal Code there needs to be an exact dollar figure for the exchange of services, that would not hold up in a court of law.
Agent Patrick Denham:    Well I heard it.
Jordan Belfort:   No, no, no that’s the truth. I wanna tell you this.
Agent Patrick Denham:    Yeah
Jordan Belfort:   The same gentleman who told me you tried to get your broker’s license also told me that you were a straight arrow.
[to his partner]
Agent Patrick Denham:   He ran a security check on me.
Jordan Belfort:   Well, when you sail on a boat fit for a bond villain, sometimes you need to play the part, right?

Mark Hanna:   The name of the game, move the money from your client’s pocket into your pocket.
Jordan Belfort:   But if you can make your clients money at the same time it’s advantageous to everyone, corrent?
Mark Hanna:   No

Naomi Lapaglia:   Aren’t you married?
Jordan Belfort:   Yeah, but married people can’t have friends?
Naomi Lapaglia:   We’re not gonna be friends.

Max Belfort:   Twenty six thousand dollars, for one dinner!!!
Jordan Belfort:   Dad we’re not poor anymore. [to Donnie] Tell him about the sides!!
Donnie Azoff:    It was the sides.
Max Belfort:   What are these sides, they cure cancer!!!?
Donnie Azoff:    The sides did cure cancer there, that’s the problem, that’s why they were so expensive there.

Max Belfort: What kind of hooker takes credit card?
Donnie Azoff: A rich one.

Mark Hanna: You gotta stay relaxed. Do you jerk off?
Jordan Belfort: Do I jerk off? Yeah.
Mark Hanna: How many times a week?
Jordan Belfort: Like um… three, three or four times maybe.
Mark Hanna: All right, pump those numbers up, those are rookie numbers in this racket. I myself, I jerk off at least… twice a day.
Jordan Belfort: Wow.

Donnie Azoff: I’ll tell you what, I’m never eating at Benihana again. I don’t care whose birthday it is.

Jordan Belfort: [holding his child] Does Daddy get a kiss from both of his little girls?
Naomi Lapaglia: Oh, no. No, Daddy doesn’t even get to touch Mommy for a very, very… very long time.
Jordan Belfort: Daddy’s really sorry about what he said in the other room, he didn’t mean any of it!
Naomi Lapaglia: Daddy shouldn’t waste his time. And from now on… it’s gonna be nothing but short, short skirts around the house. And you know something else, Daddy? Mommy is just so sick and tired of wearing panties.
Jordan Belfort: Yeah?
Naomi Lapaglia: Yeah.
Naomi Lapaglia: [pushes him away with her legs] But no touching.
Jordan Belfort: Oh, gosh.

Patrick Denham: Let me give you some legal advice: Shut the fuck up!

[to the waiter]
Jordan Belfort: Oh, I’m good with water for now.
Mark Hanna: It’s his first day on Wall Street. Give him time.

Jordan Belfort: I am not gonna die sober!

Patrick Denham: Most of the Wall Street jackasses I bust are douchebags, just like their fathers before them. But you… you, Jordan, got this way all on your own.
Jordan Belfort: Did I?
Patrick Denham: Good for you, little man.
Jordan Belfort: Me, the little man?
Patrick Denham: Let me tell you something else. This is one of the nicest boats I’d ever been on. I gotta tell ya.
Jordan Belfort: I bet it is.
Patrick Denham: Hey, you wanna know what I was just thinking too? The hero I’m going to be back at the office when the Bureau seizes this boat.
Jordan Belfort: [laughing] Alright, get the fuck off my boat. Good luck on that subway ride home to your miserable, ugly wives.

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