Sexy girl and a joke : June 19, 2014

Door Jacobjones gepubliceerd op Wednesday 18 June 17:37

A cartoon of a sexy girl and a joke to start the day keeps the doctor away. Have a nice day!


A man goes to the drugstore.

Man: I want a box of Viagra.

Pharmacist: Do you have a doctor’s prescription?

Man: No, just a picture of my wife.


Draw a shell on the inside of the thigh of your girlfriend or wife and then place your ear against the shell and you will smell the sea.


A man goes to the veterinarian with his new dog.

Vet: What is the problem sir?

Man: I bought this new dog to guard my house but every time the bell goes my dog is sitting in the corner.

Vet: That is logical, that is what boxers do.

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