Multiple Choice Photo Quiz about the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil !

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In this article you can test your knowledge about the World Cup Football in Brazil on the basis of photographs with these multiple choice questions. Good luck!

You find all the answers below.



1/On the pictures below you see three players of the Brazilian Football Team. Which of them is called Hulk?

2/Which of these men is football coach Vicente del Bosque?

3/On the three photos below you players of the national team of Cameroon. Which of these three is Samuel Eto’o?

4/Which of these players is the Argentinean player Sergio Agüero?

5/Who of these three men is the Dutch player Nigel De Jong?

6/Who of these three players doesn’t play for the Mannschaft?

7/For which national team play the three men below?

8/Which of these three is the Belgian goalkeeper Thibault Courtois?

9/Who of these three is the Italian player Andrea Pirlo?

10/Which of these three beautiful women is the wife of the English footballer Steven Gerrard?






1/B       2/C       3/B      4/A      5/B      6/A (Frank Ribéry)      7/Portugal      8/C      9/B       10/A


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Nice! i'm not good, but i like this quiz!