Bounce ~ Jiska Hachmer

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I love my new ~ Bounce ~ !

My new song: Bounce.... Made today.... I tape first my voice and then put the music under  this recording, so you can hear me a bit having a hard time to get the timing right again... lol;) I do love this song! Please see also my Badim Boo , North and south, wise men... and soon all my other new songs!! 
!Thank you for watching! 

music: Josh Woodward "Heritage place" cc-by licensed

Bounce baby bounce baby
it's my sound 
you hunt and wound up 
around your love, my love

My channel, channeling, love- tadding, you give me wings,  we're on the wind
That keeps us blowing

Bounce baby bounce
when you go south
I go wild
don't go out
go on till we bounce

oh oh oh

Bounce baby bounce
There's no word
I love you
There's no hurt after
true in love,  a band
we follow
we bounce baby, bounce my baby oh bounce baby

Sugar, sugar, spin, spin
turn around me
take me in, in
loves lies deep within'

The wheel is turning, we are turning, the wheel is turning, bounce my baby, bounce my baby baby bounce

Baby baby you win, win
no doubt, you'remy ting twingeling ding ding
star light you start within'me

sweet baby sugar 
do that within'me again
i'm till forever in need
since you my darling

you showed me what i am about
you keep me shining, twingeling ding ding
ding ding we are turning, we are turning

Bounce baby bounce oh oh

Bounce baby bounce, love tadding you give me wings, we're on the wind, that keeps us blowing

no doubt you're my twingeling ding ding

Bounce baby bounce bounce baby bounce

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